About A1 Slovenija


Si.mobil began offering its services in March 1999 as the first privately owned mobile operator in Slovenia. Si.mobil's entry in the market represented the beginning of competition in the Slovenian telecommunications market. Prices of services and mobile devices started decreasing, and the quality started increasing, while mobile telephone services became available to all users. Customers recognize Si.mobil as a provider of high-quality services with an excellent value for money.

Si.mobil was also the first operator in Slovenia to introduce and offer GPRS and WAP services and multimedia messaging. It was the first Slovenian operator and one of the first European operators to provide fast data rates over EDGE technology, and later it also provided mobile broadband internet over its own UMTS/HSDPA network. In 2012, Si.mobil became the first in Slovenia to commercially offer services over an LTE network. Until the end of the year 2014, Si.mobil will bring LTE technology to 75 % of Slovenian population.

At the end of 2013, Si.mobil employed 418 people, who provided services to 679,200 customers. 

Si.mobil has received a number of awards and certificates for its successful operations. It was awarded the Family Friendly Enterprise certificate for its efforts in balancing professional and private lives.

The company enjoys a good reputation among those seeking employment, who recognized it as one of the most respectable Slovenian employers and awarded it the Reputable Employer certificate. In 2013, Si.mobil was again recognized as the best employer in Slovenia among large enterprises in the Golden Thread project. The Si.mobil brand has also earned great respect and won the internationally acclaimed Superbrands award.