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A1 provides the fastest 4G/LTE mobile network to an impressive 98% of the population of Slovenia, and the 3G network to an amazing 99% of the population. Fixed DSL internet network is available throughout Slovenia, while high-speed fiber optics is already in 140,000 homes.


A1 has been providing the fastest 4G/LTE network to more than 98% of the population of Slovenia. Upgrades and expansions to of our cutting-edge network also help us introduce access to high-speed internet in the smallest rural towns, setting new foundations for connectedness and using modern technology.

Mobile Network Coverage:

  • 4G/LTE: over 98% of the population of Slovenia
  • Voice services: over 99%
  • Mobile internet with speeds of up to 236 Kbps: over 99%
  • Broadband mobile internet with speeds of up to 42 Mbps: over 99%


In November 2014, we were the first in Slovenia to launch the technology of the future – LTE Advanced in Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Celje and Slovenj Gradec. LTA-A provides significantly higher data capacities and speeds of up to incredible 300 Mbps.

Service availability: Good Excellent

The map is updated on a daily basis, when needed.

The coverage map is calculated using a computer simulation. Various factors impact the propagation of radio waves in the environment, so there may be deviations between the calculated (optimum) and actual (expected) coverage and speed.

Users can select different internet access speeds over mobile services, or they can be defined in their selected subscription plan/option.   

Signal quality and strength depend on the following factors:

  • the mobile device model and its capacity to achieve maximum speeds
  • artificial and natural obstacles
  • the undulation of the terrain, the geographic conditions, artificial obstacles (metal and reinforced concrete constructions, metalized glass, metal shutters on windows, attics made from metallic materials, insulation with metallic elements, etc.)
  • outdoor and indoor use of services
  • new construction and renovations of existing facilities with new construction materials (concrete, iron, new types of glass) which may disrupt radio signal
  • inclement weather conditions, especially precipitation
  • the level of the received signal at a particular location
  • the quality of the received signal at a particular location
  • the occupation of the base station, i.e. the density of concurrent users in an individual cell and its capabilities
  • the technology used for data transfer (2G/3G/4G)
  • the frequency spectrum used for a particular technology
  • the technology over which the mobile device is connected to the network
  • limitations to the data allowance
  • network coverage

Recommended mobile network for individual service:

Which service do you use? Appropriate technology
Voice calls GSM 2G / 3G
Text messages GSM 2G / 3G
Multimedia messages EDGE / UMTS / LTE 2G / 3G / 4G
WAP internet access EDGE / UMTS / LTE 2G / 3G / 4G
Occasional email use EDGE / UMTS / LTE 2G / 3G / 4G
Using simple online apps EDGE / UMTS / LTE 2G / 3G / 4G
Extensive use of email, task and calendar syncing UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G
Location services and navigation UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G
Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare) UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G
Mobile VoIP UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G
Streaming music UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G
Tethering UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G
Mobile television UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G
Video calls (*instant messaging apps) UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G*
Mobile office UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G
Video streaming UMTS / LTE 3G / 4G
HD video streaming LTE 4G
Online gaming LTE 4G
Home internet LTE 4G


OOKLA Speedtest Tool

Using this tool requires spending some data from the allowance.

Data Transfer Calculator

The calculator allows users to select the most suitable subscription plan/option i.e. mobile internet service. They just enter the required data, and obtain a recommendation for the services best meeting their needs.

Using this tool requires spending some data from the allowance.


We provide a selection of all capable networks: fiber optics, DSL and VDSL phone networks, and local cable networks. The A1 fiber optic network is available at more than 140,000 households across Slovenia, while we cover the rest of the country with other networks.

Want to know which network is available at your address? You can verify this simply by using the form bellow or by calling our toll-free number 040 40 40 40.

Explanation of Advertised (Theoretical) Data Transfer Speeds

Advertised speed means theoretical maximum possible speed that a certain technology can provide under ideal radio conditions. This speed differs in 2G/3G/4G networks and is defined by international standards. This means that a user who is using services at a certain location has terminal equipment that supports such speeds and has excellent reception levels and good signal quality, and that the base station location to which they connect is not busy with traffic from other users in the area. Under certain circumstances advertised speed may be different from the maximum speed available.

The speed that can be defined per average user who uses mobile network service anywhere in the area of the base station is, under real world conditions, taking into account all the limiting factors, generally lower than advertised speed. Everything also depends on whether the user is located in good or poor radio conditions, and whether they can use the service through busy or normally burdened base stations at any time of day, and on numerous factors listed above. In the event of a significant derogation from this actual speed, and depending on the technology and type of service that they want to use, users may have problems accessing online services, apps and other content. All of the above applies to downloading and uploading data/content. Users can check their speed using some commercial tools, such as OOKLA, which is available from the link below. Using this tool requires spending some data from the allowance.

Data transfer speeds differ depending on the used technology, and can also differ geographically. On the average, we provide higher transfer speeds in the cities than in rural parts of Slovenia.

The definitions of speed and other definitions in accordance with the Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council on laying down measures concerning open internet access are defined in General Terms and Conditions of Providing Electronic Communication Service to Consumers or Companies.


Advertised (theoretical) speed

[DL/UL] – Mbit/s
UMTS (3G 900) GSM
UMTS (3G 2100)  
LTE (4G 800) EDGE / UMTS / LTE
LTE (4G 1800) up to 150/50
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Other Parameters of the Quality of Service and Their Impact on Internet Access Services

A1 does not conduct IP QoS (quality of service) on user internet traffic, nor does it interfere with the user experience in a such a way as to give privilege to certain online services. IP networks were designed for data transfer, where the delay of IP packets and delivery reliability are not important, but today they are also used for transferring more demanding traffic. User experience is therefore mostly affected by limitations in the transfer of IP packets that are described as latency, jitter, and packet loss. These depend on the type of user terminal equipment (e.g. mobile phone), access technology, user's current location, and the online service the user is accessing. Increased latency, jitter, or packet loss may be reflected as slow responsiveness of some online services, lower transfer speeds, and occasional loss of connection to online services. IP cloud voice and video call services, where a user may notice a delay or loss of sound and video, are an excellent example.

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Specialized Services

A1 Slovenija, like all other public electronic communication providers, including internet service providers and the providers of content, applications and services, may provide services that are not internet access services and that are optimized for certain content, applications or services or a combination thereof, if such optimization is necessary for fulfilling the requirements related to the content, applications, or services and providing a certain level of quality (i.e. specialized services). A1 Slovenija shall provide any such services, if they exist, as part of its portfolio of services, as detailed on its website, and subscribers can subscribe to them. Any potential actual impact on the internet access service, if it exists, is explained alongside each individual product. A1 Slovenija currently does not offer any such services.

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