Mobile Network Slovenia


Most of the network maintenance is conducted when the fewest number of our users access our services, during night time and in the early hours of the morning between 1 AM and 4 AM. Some work, however, must be done during the day.

Network maintenance and upgrades close to your location may impact your experience and the availability of certain services. Sometimes unplanned outages may occur (weather conditions, signal disrupters or faulty equipment, etc.).

Check when and where network maintenance will take place, as it may cause an interference in service provision.

* Users permit the use of their personal information submitted to A1 Slovenija in order to notify them of network's operation. Users permit the administrator, A1 Slovenija, to manage, maintain, and monitor the database of the collected personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Users agree with being contacted over different communication channels, e.g.: phone, personal mail, email and other. A1 Slovenija may process this data for its own requirements until a time when such data no longer serves its purpose. A1 Slovenija may hire external contractors to conduct services. A1 Slovenija shall not forward such data to third parties, except where it is obligated to do so in accordance with valid legislation. An individual has the right to verify, copy, amend, correct, block, and delete the personal data in the database being administered, in accordance with the valid regulation. The users who take part and/or are registered may at any time request that A1 Slovenija stop sending notifications by writing to A1 Slovenija, telekomunikacijske storitve, d.d.

If you encountered an issue with network operations at a certain location, please let us know by using the form below, and help us improve the experience for all the users.

Before reporting it, please check the following:

1. Could the issue be caused by your phone or SIM card?

If you have an issue using services everywhere in Slovenia, this will most likely be the result of a problem with your phone or SIM card.

For more information on how to repair your phone, click here. You can check if your SIM card is working correctly by using it in another phone or by stopping by at one of our points of sale where we can test your SIM card and replace it if needed.