About Si.mobil


Si.mobil is 100 % owned by the Telekom Austria Group, which enjoys the trust of over 23 million fixed communication and mobile communication customers in several countries. The group employs 16,000 people and generated total revenue of  4.2 billion EUR in 2013.

Telekom Austria Group members include:

  • A1 Telekom Austria (Austria)
  • Mobiltel (Bulgaria)
  • velcom (Belarus)
  • Vipnet Croatia)
  • Vip mobile (Serbia)
  • Vip operator (Macedonia)
  • Telecom Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein)
  • Si.mobil (Slovenia)


 Si.mobil's Supervisory Board comprises:

  • Alejandro Douglass Plater, Chairman
  • Siegfried Mayrhofer, Member
  • Bernd Schmutterer, Member