Best mobile in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country, but there are still several services providers who guarantee best mobile in Slovenia.

When you are deciding on you mobile service provider for your vacation or stay in Slovenia, several factors need to be considered to make select the best mobile in Slovenia.

Price of services

Price of mobile services in Slovenia can vary between service providers, and between individual offers. A1 Slovenija has several offers with which we try to meet your wishes and requirements as closely as possible.

Despite the fact that price is an important purchasing factor, do not let it be the only reason when you will be deciding on who is the best mobile in Slovenia.


Even if Slovenia is a small country on the Southern slopes of Alps, its diverse terrain makes it important that your phone will operate at the coast, and when skiing in the northermost resorts. Simobil assures coverage also in remote areas. Please see coverage map for detailed information.

We guarantee 99.6% coverage for calls and basic internet service in Slovenia.

Various offers:

Are you staying in Slovenia for a short period of time and are looking for best prepaid mobile services?

Did you move to Slovenia and are looking for the best mobile subscription?

Are you looking for the best mobile offer for companies?

At A1 Slovenija, we are considering all possibilities and challenges of our customers. That is why we have a wide range of mobile phones and offers. Select the best mobile offer of the moment and enjoy in communication at Slovene ski resorts, at the coast, etc. without any worries.