In 2014, Si.mobil decided to cooperate with the department of psychology at Faculty of Arts. At Si.mobil, we try to to successfully coordinate work and free time, as well as assist the transfer of knowledge between practice and research - this is why we decided to participate in a research project Brains on vacation.

The survey was conducted from July to October. This was the first scientific research in this field, led by experts, psychologists and neuroscientists, who monitored the brain activities from our employees before and after the holiday. The aim of their research is to determine whether, in certain parts of the brain, particularly those related to stress and pleasure, changes occurred activities.

We saw a unique opportunity for our employees to ensure a personal experience with the magnetic resonance. The results and Si.mobil's participation os published in the scientific and professional domestic and foreign magazines. Last but not least: each participant from Si.mobil received 3-D thank you image of this brain via e-mail.