Data Price Plans for Subscribers

All users can find the perfect plan in the new Mobile Internet plans.

The plans differ in the amount of data included, as well as in the data rate.

All of the plans come with LTE technology, offering a better customer experience in the 4G network, and especially a faster internet response time.

Using Si.mobil's mobile internet is simple and entirely independent of location or device. We also offer all new Mobile Internet subscribers a free 3-day trial.

With the Mobile Internet plans you can now browse the web WITH NO ADDITIONAL COSTS, even if you use all of the bundled allowance.

One-time Purchase

Even if you exceed the data allowance, you can return speeds to normal with a one-time purchase of a certain data allowance.

  Price Included data trasfer Exceeding the allowance
One-time purchase of 1 GB  5,09 EUR 1 GB free, reduced transfer rate to 64 kbps
One-time purchase of 5 GB  10,19 EUR 5 GB free, reduced transfer rate to 64 kbps

One-time purchases are only available in combination with Mobile Internet plans.

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Night Option

Free and unlimited data transfer every day between midnight and 6 AM for Mobile Internet subscribers.

  Price per month About the option
The Night Option 5,09 EUR Between 12 AM and 6 AM transfer is not deducted from the purchased data allowance.

The Night Option is available for all subscribers of the Mobile Internet plans XL, XXL, 300MEGA, 1GIGA, 3GIGA, 15GIGA, and Voyo. The Mobile Internet 45 GIGA plan already comes with the Night Option.

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USB modem

You can also use a USB modem, which looks just like a USB key, to access mobile internet. Just insert a SIM card in and plug it into your computer.

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How to become a subscriber?

The Mobile Internet subscription plans are for natural persons as well as legal entities. To conclude a subscription agreement, bring a valid ID document (identity card or a passport) and a tax ID number. You can conclude an agreement at any of Si.mobil's stores.

Parents or legal representatives may conclude agreements for those older than 15 but younger than 18.

For more information visit any of Si.mobil's stores or call 040 40 40 40.

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