Roaming Tariffs


Before calling abroad, check the benefits we offer and the tariffs of calls and services. Shown prices are valid for a minute of call and for a megabyte of data transfer.

Enter the country you are calling from.


For roaming tariffs, please enter the country you are calling.

Reduce costs when calling abroad!

We offer the following special tariffs and options for reduced voice and SMS costs for the chosen country.

EU in Balkan

Activate the option for reduced costs for calls from Slovenia to EU and the Balkans.
16,27 €/m
100 min
SPO_Opcija_EU_in_Balkan_100 SPO_Opcija_EU_in_Balkan_100 Option EU and Balkan 100
30,5 €/m
100 min
SPO_Opcija_EU_in_Balkan_200 SPO_Opcija_EU_in_Balkan_200 Option EU and Balkan 200

The purchase is limited to one option per duration of the option. The accounting interval is 60 sec. Prices include VAT.

A postpaid priceplan is required for an activation of the option. All calls after the units included in the priceplan are exceeded are charged 0,30 EUR. Unused units cannot be transferred into the next billing period. 

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International texts

Activate for reduced costs when texting abroad from Slovenia.
4,98 €/month
101 SMS
SPO_Med_Spo_101 SPO_Med_Spo_101 Med. sporočila 101
10,07 €/month
1001 SMS
SPO_Med_Spo_1001 SPO_Med_Spo_1001 Med. sporočila 1001

The precondition for selecting an option is a valid contract for a mobile subscription. After exceeding bundle allowance, calls are charged according to the valid price list. Any unused amounts are not transferred to the next billing period. You can only buy one option for the duration of the option. The charging interval is 60s. All prices include VAT.

The option is not deactivated automatically, it must be deactivated by the customer herself. Any changes to the option or its deactivation is possible one month after its activation.

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