About the Plan

The OPTIMALNI plan was designed for business users with basic needs, and it also allows them to call their colleagues for free.

OPTIMALNI includes:

  • unlimited calls between coworkers
  • bundled calls to all Slovenian networks
  • text/multimedia messages in Slovenia

More about A1 Začetni plan

The A1 Začetni plans are available to all new A1 subscribers and to existing ones in accordance with Terms and Conditions for Purchasing a New Phone before the Expiration. After using up the included data allowance in A1´s network for an individual billing period the subscriber's data transfer speed is not slowed down, as an extra 250 MB data allowance is automatically activated for €1.99. Subscribers can use up this additional data allowance until the end of the billing period in which it was automatically activated. Any data transfer above this allowance is charged according to the valid price list. All prices include VAT. General Terms and Conditions apply to all A1 Začetni subscription plans, and are, together with the prices of all other services, services abroad, prices for exceeding the allowances, the terms and conditions for extending contracts for existing subscribers, and the terms and conditions for the 12-month connection, available by calling 040 40 40 40, visiting A1.si, and/or visiting any of A1´s points of sale. A1 Slovenija, d. d., Šmartinska c. 134b, SI-1000.

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Purchasing extra call minutes

If you need more minutes for calls, you can easily upgrade the BUSINESS plans with the option Klici 101 (Calls 101).

Calls 101
Includes 101 min on-and-off-net
Monthly fee 4,06 EUR

Prices for calls outside the units included in the priceplan is 0,22 EUR for all calls within Slovenia. Unused units from the option Klici 101 is not transferable into next month.

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Text and multimedia messages

Messaging is an important part of everyday communication, which is why we have put together 2 options with additional amounts of text and multimedia messages. The total bundled amount applies to sending both text and multimedia messages.

   Messages 101  Messages 1001
Includes* 101 SMS and MMS 1001 SMS and MMS
Monthly fee 6,10 EUR 11,19 EUR

 *SMS and MMS, sent from Slovenia to foreign countries are not included in the units of the priceplans and are charged 0,1525 EUR per message.

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Data transfer

Si.mobil makes accessing mobile internet carefree. We will notify you in advance about increased usage, protecting you from an expensive invoice. More information is available on Carefree Mobile Internet.

In the desire to use state-of-the-art telecommunications services with smartphones, we offer our customers the BlackBerry option (specially catered to BlackBerry devices) and Mobilni internet  (Mobile Internet) options.

Data 1001 MB
Reduced device price up to 120 EUR
Monthly fee 12,20 EUR
  Included data exceeded Subscription fee Price per kB when included data
Opcija 300 MB 300 MB 6,10 EUR/month 0 EUR, speed of data transfer reduced to 64kbit/s
Opcija 1 GB 1 GB 9,15 EUR/month
Opcija 3 GB 3 GB 12,20 EUR/month
Opcija 15 GB 15 GB 18,30 EUR/month
Opction Mobile Internet Daily* 1 GB 1,53 EUR/day 0,00007 EUR

The PODJETNI and SMART plans with the bundled BlackBerry data option are designed for legal entities, and are available in both the internet (BIS) as well as corporate (BES) versions.  Upon concluding a special benefits agreement and simultaneously concluding a 24-month agreement for the selected BlackBerry option, users receive a redeemable discount on a new phone. The data allowance applies for data transfer in Si.mobil's network and unused amounts are not transferable to the following month. Data transfer exceeding the data allowance in a given option and data transfer abroad are charged according to Si.mobil's current price list. The charging interval for data transfer in Si.mobil's network for subscribers is 10 kB, and the billing cycle for the Mobilni internet (Mobile Internet) option is equivalent to the billing cycle of the customer's primary subscription plan. Access to and data transfer from the Vodafone live! portal is free of charge and does not count towards the data allowance. Anyone who already has a concluded subscription agreement for voice services can activate the Mobilni internet (Mobile Internet) option. All prices include VAT.

** The Mobilni internet Dnevni (Mobile Internet Daily) option is active from the moment of activation until midnight the next day.

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Prices for services exceeding the bundled amounts

Prices for calls and messages exceeding the bundled amounts are:

  • 0,22 EUR for all calls in Slovenia
  • calls abroad are charged according to the rate that the user selects (e.g. Vodafone WorldSVET)
  • 0,22 EUR per text or multimedia message in Slovenia
  • data transfer in Si.mobil's network exceeding the data allowance is charged at 0.0005/kB EUR
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More information on the OPTIMALNI plans

The OPTIMALNI S and OPTIMALNI M are designed for legal entities and sole proprietors.

Unused minutes/messages/MB will not be carried over to the next month. All prices given are for a minute of talk time in Slovenia. Calls to bob customers are charged as off-net calls. The charging interval in Slovenia is 60/60, which means that calls are charged for every minute begun. The charging interval for data transfer is 10 kB. All other services, data calls, calls to foreign countries, calls made when abroad, and data transfer abroad are charged according to the valid price list. The charging interval for bundled calls abroad is 60 seconds. The connection fee for a given PODJETNI plan is 11,99 EUR and is charged as a one-time fee. 

All prices include VAT. 

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Terms and conditions for new PODJETNI plans

The service of unlimited calls between coworkers is intended for normal usage in Si.mobil's network. Use of services that could harm Si.mobil's network in any way (intentional network overload, preventing other users from normal use of the network etc.) is not allowed. Use for commercial purposes or reselling services to third parties, and use with systems for automated calling is prohibited. Using the so-called GSM interfaces for network interconnection and other similar activities is not allowed. If Si.mobil establishes that a subscriber is using a service in a way that breaches the terms and conditions, Si.mobil reserves the right to notify the user and/or restrict their use in accordance with the General Conditions for Providing Electronic Communication Services by Si.mobil, d.d. Regarding interfaces, Si.mobil has the right to protect its interests in accordance with legal possibilities for detecting and immediately deactivating such interfaces, and the Si.mobil user is then liable to Si.mobil and third parties for the damage incurred, as well as for costs.

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How to conclude a subscription agreement.

You can conclude an agreement at any of Si.mobil's stores and with any of Si.mobil's business agents.


  • Valid ID card or passport of the company's legal representative.
  • ID for VAT
  • Extract from the court register of companies or an extract from the AJPES register
  • Company stamp (if the company has one)

In the event that the person concluding the agreement is not listed in the court's registry as an authorized person or a legal representative of the company, they must include a suitable document wherein it is evident that they have been authorized to conclude subscription agreements (i.e. a card of deposited signatures, notarized authorization the representative for the signatory to conclude relationships, or an authorization with a signature of the authorized person from the court registry along with the company's stamp).

Sole Proprietor

  • Valid ID card or passport
  • ID for VAT
  • A statement from the register of sole proprietors or other independent professions, or a permit to run a small business, a notice on registration, or a permit for supplementary activities
  • Company stamp (if the company has one)

Legal entities can choose between a range of products and services for business users and they cannot become subscribers to the ZAME, SIMPL, or ORTO plans on their account.

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What is the price for old plans?

*The enaZAME BlackBerry, triZAME BlackBerry, petZATE BlackBerry, and BUSINESS BlackBerry plans are only available with the purchase of a BlackBerry phone. If you already have this plan and you are not buying a new BlackBerry device, you can only buy a phone with the new BUSINESS plans with or without options.

You can still upgrade the old PODJETNI plans with the Messages option, the BlackBerry data options, or Mobile Internet data transfer options.

You will still be able to buy a new phone on your existing plan. You can also choose a BlackBerry option (just for those purchasing a BlackBerry device), which in addition to reduced prices on phones also gives the user a data allowance. 

PODJETNI SMART Poslovni Smart BB Tujina Podjetni    
S PODJETNI Smart 4 BB petZAME BB    
SMART 4 Bus        
Global accounts        
triZAME BB        
PODJETNI M        
VIP SMART 3        
SMART 4        
SMART 4 Bus.Global acc. no MFT        
SMART 4 Business no MFT        
SMART 5 Business no MFT        
Tujina ZAME        
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