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Fixed Telephony

A1 IP Telephone Services

A1 business customers can select from a range of A1 IP business telephone services. This includes IP telephone services for small businesses with up to 5 IP telephone connections, as well advanced services for demanding users. Our range of IP telephone services meets the needs of all companies, regardless of their size and requirements.

We ensure uninterrupted services on our IP network by prioritizing traffic (QoS).


Top Products

A1 Xpert Total
A1 Xpert Total is a so-called centrex service with advanced features. The total plan provides subscribers with unlimited calls to all EU networks.

A1 PBX Total & PRA
PBX and PRA are services for customers with their own in-house exchanges. We supply the customer with a SIP trunk with the required number of voice channels (for concurrent calls). The total (PBX only) plan bring subscribers unlimited calls to all EU networks.

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