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TV content

What are streaming video services or online video libraries?
A streaming video service or an online video library is a services that provides users all the video content from a certain provider over the internet and to all network connected devices for a monthly subscription fee (or an individual purchase).

Users register into the online video service, download the app into their smart TV, tablet or phone (using AppStore or Google Play), and they can start watching.

To provide an easier decision on the content and the advantages of this new method of watching content we prepared an overview of all online video services.

Which online video services are available from A1?
HBO GO has the best films, the latest shows, all seasons of cult HBO series, documentaries and cartoons in Slovenian.
VOYO brings local content from PRO PLUS a whole day before it airs on TV, includes original shows, dubbed cartoons and live sports events.
NBA League Pass allows you to watch basketball and all other NBA events.

Which devices do I need to watch content from an online video services?
You need a modem with a WiFi connection and a smart device – a smart TV, tablet, notebook computer or a phone. You can also watch the content on your existing TV with a set-top box.


Do I need a new, smart TV?
You do not need a new, smart TV to watch content from an online video service. If your TV does not support an internet connection, you need an additional, smaller device, a set-top box: the Xiaomi Mi Box S. Xiaomi Mi Box S connects over a regular HDMI cable to your TV, connects to WiFi, and you are ready to watch your favourite film, show or event from the video store of your choice on your TV. More about the devices and specifications is available here.