A1 Dodatni plan A1 Dodatni plan

A1 Dodatni plan

The A1 Dodatni Subscription Plan (2nd SIM) for Shared Services

The A1 Dodatni subscription plan (2nd SIM) for Shared Services is available to business customers with subscription plans A1 Podjetni Go! M and A1 Podjetni Go! L who want to share the allowances with other employees, thereby lowering their costs.

Each additional employee receives A1 Dodatni Subscription plan for only €11 / month, but if you have an eRačun, you will pay another €1 less - only € 10 / month.

More info at +386 40 40 40 40 or at the point of sale.

Terms and Conditions for using the A1 SIM Card for Shared use

  • The A1 SIM Card for Shared use is a subscription plan available to users of A1 Podjetni Go! M and A1 Podjetni Go! L.
  • Users of the A1 SIM Card for Shared use can share the master plan's allowances of calls, text and multimedia messages, and data transfer in the A1 Slovenija network and in the EU/EEA countries. Only exception are calls abroad from Slovenia, which are available only on master plan. 
  • In the event the subscriber uses up all of the data allowance included on the master plan or the A1 SIM Card for Shared use, and does not purchase extra options, the extra allowance unit is automatically activated, namely a 3 GB allowance for €3 (VAT included).
  • A1 SIM Card for Shared use has the same data rate as the master plan.
  • A1 SIM card for Shared use does not support sharing the allowances for services abroad.

Special Terms and Conditions for the A1 Dodatni Subscription Plans

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