Si.mobil joined forces with the Slovenian Diabetes Association and delivered a special offer for its members which is valid until the end of the year. In addition to mark the World Diabetes Day, free blood glucose tests were held at Si.mobil centers in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, and Kranj.

With the help of modern technology and Si.mobil's own app Vem, kaj jem! (I know what I eat!) and additional 2 in 1 smart app tests can be made using a smartphone. Both apps are available in App Store and Google Play.

One would imagine elderly people were interested in such information but that is not necessary the case. All that is needed to get a test result is a bit of courage for a simple prick in the finger - in order to get a droplet of blood - and that is it. After observing from a safe distance and seeing that grandmothers mastered the right amount of courage even those afraid of seeing blood and needles stepped up and tried it.

You are probably wondering about the results, right? Well, according to the doctors who conducted the tests Si.mobil has unusually healthy customers and employees in comparison to Slovenian statistics. Good to hear and we hope it will stay that way.  

More about app I know what I eat!

Everyone, who wants to monitor their diet, can use our application I know what I eat!. This is the first of its kind mobile solution in Slovenian language that allows users to monitor food intake, but it also offers the possibility of entering calorie consumption and physical activity. The database from which the application draws data on carbohydrates, proteins and fats, has been updated this year under the expert guidance of renowned nutritionist Andrea Širca Camp. The database now includes more than 2,000 products and is also the largest such database in the Slovenian language. The application is available free of charge in the Google Play and App Store.