Mobile Hotspot Slovenia

Mobile network can be accessed through a mobile hotspot in Slovenia at any location with strong enough network signal.

Most common mobile networks which enable mobile hotspot and mobile internet in Slovenia:

  • LTE/4G - the most powerful network at the moment which allows you to create a mobile access point and access the internet with almost equal characteristics as an average internet connection.
  • UMTS/3G - less powerful network which still enables many functions, fast data transfers, possibility of video calls and viewing different multimedia content.
  • EDGE/2,5G - intermediate mobile network generation between 2nd and 3rd generation (2G and 3G). Enables somewhat faster data transfer than GPRS, but did not bring a major revolution or new possibilities.
  • GPRS/2G - quite old network from current point of view, but it still enables basic internet browsing.

Where can you set up a mobile hotspot in Slovenia?

A1 Slovenija enables you to access the internet from a mobile almost everywhere. This also means that you can create a mobile hotspot and connect to the internet anywhere and anytime, through mobile network, and even with your computer.

By selecting a suitable subscription, you can surf the internet with your smartphone, laptop or even pc, if they enable wireless connection to your mobile phone without worries.