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Staying a bit longer?

Useful Information


Have you lost your mobile phone, or has it been stolen? What should you do?


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Slovenian Numbers


Here are some useful numbers that will make your staying in Slovenia easier.


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Find A Store


Find the nearest A1 Slovenija store and let our friendly staff help you with our services and products.


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Cheapest Calls in Slovenia


Are you visiting or staying in Slovenia, and would like the cheapest outgoing calls from Slovenia?


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Best Mobile in Slovenia


Slovenia is a small country, but there are still several services providers who guarantee best mobile in Slovenia.


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Mobile Operators


Despite small market, there are several mobile operators in Slovenia which provide, beside calls, mobile internet and all other possibilities.


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Mobile Hotspot Slovenia


Mobile network can be accessed through a mobile hotspot in Slovenia at any location with strong signal.


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Slovenian Country Code


Double-digit Slovenia country code abbreviation is SI, but the official abbreviation of the country is SVN. 


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Visitor SIM


Visitor SIM offers best mobile internet for tourists. Avoid roaming charges while traveling in Slovenia. Use your smartphone as if you were in your homeland.


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About the Invoice


You can find a range of information on your invoice, included there to help you keep track of your subscription and to understand them more clearer. 


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