Party with a cause

ORTO is Helping Young People Find Their First Job

This year's novelty from Si.mobil's event Party with a Cause was the announcement of jobs for young people, seeking their first employment. 14 companies, also Si.mobil, collaborated on the project by creating a total of 18 open positions. The applications closed in the middle of September.

More than 15,000 young people convened in Ljubljana's Tivoli Park to bust a good move at the 13th Party with a Cause in the end of August. DJ Umek was making the beat drop at one of the biggest and most popular charity events for young people.

Since our ORTO knows how hard it is for young people to find a job, it came up with its own special "move" for them this year, as the Party with a Cause became the venue where 14 companies announced job openings. Together with 13 partners, we announced 18 positions open to young people seeking their first employment.

The Recipient of This Year's Charity Funds Is the Employment Clubs Project

The funds collected at this year's Party with a Cause were given to the Nefiks institute for their project of Employment Clubs for young people. We collected almost 15.000 EUR, all together since December 2004 277.000 EUR. The objective of these employment clubs is to help young people increase their employability, as well as to forge connections with potential employers. The institute launched the project in 2012/2013 using the funds it received at the 2012 Party with a Cause. So far the employment clubs have helped 45 young people find a job.