<span class="txt-white-desktop">A1 Domači net (A1 Home net)</span> <span class="txt-white-desktop">A1 Domači net (A1 Home net)</span>

A1 Domači net (A1 Home net)

The A1 Domači net plans are ideal for anyone who does not have access to broadband fixed internet or is not satisfied with it, but has good coverage with the A1 LTE/4G network. A1 Domači net plans also provide a wireless connection, and through it simple and reliable access to the internet. 

Customers can select from 3 plans with unlimited data allowances.



A1 Domači net 3

A1 Domači net 2

A1 Domači net 1

Monthly subscription fee 40.99 €/m 30.99 €/m 25.99 €/m
Data allowance
Data rates up to 40/3 Mbit/s up to 20/5 Mbit/s up to 10/5 Mbit/s


A1 Domači net plans are available with Huawei router B525:

Huawei router B315
  • Download speeds up to 150 Mbit/s, upload speeds up to 50 Mbit/s.
  • Supports LTE and DC-HSPA+.
  • Up to 32 users can connect at the same time

Why is A1 Domači net the right choice for you?

Unlimited data transfer!
After transferring 200 GB the data rate is limited to 2/1 Mbps.

Simple use
No coordination or visits from technicians required beforehand. Just plug in the device to and the WiFi already works!

Immediate connection without any internet cables
No construction or wiring required, no drilling and no cables tangled in knots. All you need is electricity and good 4G/LTE coverage!

More info at +386 40 40 40 40 or at the point of sale.