<span class="txt-white-desktop">A1 Domači net (A1 Home net)</span> <span class="txt-white-desktop">A1 Domači net (A1 Home net)</span>

A1 Domači net (A1 Home net)

For people looking for internet only priceplans!

In need of an internet connection without other services such as TV or telephony?

A1 has you covered with priceplans from 19, 99 € / month. Chose A1 Fix net, reliable and high speed, also via fibre optic, or A1 Brezžični net, available immediately, even in locations without the broadband infrastructure.

A1 Brezžični net

A1 Fix net
(fibre optic/XDSL)

19,99 €/m

19,99 €/m

200 GB


up to 20/5 Mb/s

up to 100/20 Mb/s (fibre optic)
up to 20/1 Mb/s (XDSL)

1 € (with 24 month lock-in)


Available immediately

Network connection necessary

Would you like higher internet speeds? How about unlimited data on the A1 Brezžični net (A1 Wireless Net) subscription plan?

For an additional €5 per month you can increase your internet speed on both plans: on A1 Fix net by up to 40/20 Mbps (xDSL) or up to 500/100 Mb/s (fiber optics). You can speed up your internet connection on A1 Brezžični net (A1 Wireless Net) by up to 40/5 Mbps, while the Neomejen (Unlimited) option (€3.99 per month) brings unlimited data allowance.

Satisfaction guaranteed

  • No lock-in and no hidden costs
    The A1 Fix net and A1 Brezžični net (A1 Wireless Net) plans are always available at a great price and with no lock-in. You can lower the price of your modem on your A1 Brezžični net plan, however, concluding a contract does not affect the price of the plan.
  • No termination fee for the first 3 months.
    If you chose to pay for your device in installments, you will only be charged for the full cost of the device at contract termination.
  • No fee for switching between plans.
    If you opt for a different internet plan or would like to add TV channels at a later time, you can do that yourself, free of charge, using the Moj A1 (My A1) self-management app, or give us a call, and we will take care of it.
  • Available under the same terms and conditions for our loyal and new users.
  • We ensure user satisfaction by always providing our services at a fair, single price, regardless of your contract status.

Special terms and conditions

The A1 Brezžični net (A1 Wireless Net) plan is available to all new and existing subscribers of A1 Slovenija (in accordance with the Agreement on providing a special benefit). The condition for obtaining the plan is the availability of network capacities. All plans include access to LTE technology. Actual speed depends on network conditions and the current occupation of the base station. After using up the 200 GB data allowance within a billing period, data transfer speed is limited to 2/1 Mbps. When concluding a subscriber agreement, the user undertakes to use the A1 Brezžični net service at the address they listed as address of use when concluding the agreement. In other cases, A1 reserves the right to disconnect the service.

The A1 Fix net promotion is available to all new and existing A1 subscribers. Fixed network is provided by Telekom Slovenije. The listed speeds for xDSL are the highest possible speeds, while actual speeds depend on different factors (xDSL technology supports dynamic speeds, which depend on the distance from the exchange, as well as on the technical conditions of the copper pair, while on fiber optic connections they depend on the network equipment at the location, as well as the number of users connected to a particular optical fiber).

The use of A1 Brezžični net and A1 Fix net subscription plans is governed by the General terms and conditions for the provision of electronic communication services for consumers or for legal persons and entrepreneurs, other terms and conditions, and the descriptions of subscription plans, and for A1 Fix net also the Special terms and conditions for A1 fixed subscription plans, which are, together with the prices of all other services and the prices for services beyond included allowances, available by calling 040 40 40, at A1.si, and at A1's points of sale. All prices include VAT.

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