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We offer the following special tariffs and options for reduced voice and SMS costs for the chosen country.


EU neskončno

Activate tariff for unlimited calls, SMS and data transfer abroad.

Opcija SIMPL Tujina 30

Activate for reduced costs when calling abroad.


Activate if you often use data abroad.
0 €/m
SPO_Data_SVET SPO_Data_SVET Tarifa Data svet

Calls and text messages (SMS)

Activate for reduced costs of calls and text messages (SMS).
36,99 €/month
100 min or SMS
SPO_OpcijaTujinaPARTNER100 SPO_OpcijaTujinaPARTNER100 Opcija Tujina partner 100
79,99 €/month
250 min or SMS
SPO_OpcijaTujinaPARTNER250 SPO_OpcijaTujinaPARTNER250 Opcija Tujina partner 250
179,99 €/month
600 min or SMS
SPO_OpcijaTujinaPARTNER600 SPO_OpcijaTujinaPARTNER600 Opcija Tujina partner 600


Activate for reduced costs of calls abroad.
18 €/m
100 min
SPO_Tujina_EU_M_Month SPO_Tujina_EU_M_Month Tujina EU M
80 €/m
100 min
SPO_Tujina_SVET_M_Month SPO_Tujina_SVET_M_Month Tujina SVET M
45 €/m
250 min
SPO_Tujina_EU_L_Month SPO_Tujina_EU_L_Month Tujina EU L
150 €/m
250 min
SPO_Tujina_SVET_L_Month SPO_Tujina_SVET_L_Month Tujina SVET L
89 €/m
500 min
SPO_Tujina_EU_XL_Month SPO_Tujina_EU_XL_Month Tujina EU XL
290 €/m
500 min
SPO_Tujina_SVET_XL_Month SPO_Tujina_SVET_XL_Month Tujina SVET XL

Data transfer

Activate a Mobile internet option for reduced costs of data transfer abroad.
36,99 €/month
100 MB
SPO_OpcijaTujinaDATAPARTNER100 SPO_OpcijaTujinaDATAPARTNER100 Opcija Tujina data partner 100
79,99 €/month
250 MB
SPO_OpcijaTujinaDATAPARTNER250 SPO_OpcijaTujinaDATAPARTNER250 Opcija Tujina data partner 250
179,99 €/month
600 MB or SMS
SPO_OpcijaTujinaDATAPARTNER600 SPO_OpcijaTujinaDATAPARTNER600 Opcija Tujina data partner 600

Opcija Tujina 1 GIGA