SIMPLnet SIM Price Plan

For all those who just need mobile internet now and then, and would like to pay as they go with SIMPL top-up cards.


What is SIMPLnet?

SIMPLnet is mobile internet without a subscription fee which provides easy wireless access to the internet over Si.mobil's network. It is designed for all those who just need to access mobile internet occasionally, and who would like to pay as they go by using top-up cards or the POLNI (TOP UP) service. You can purchase it in all Si.mobil's stores and at some of Si.mobil's authorized resellers.


SIMPLnet data transfer pricelist

  Time limit Data allowance Price
SIMPLnet GIGA 1 3 days 1 GB 5 EUR
SIMPLnet GIGA 2 30 days 2 GB 10 EUR
SIMPLnet GIGA 10 30 days 10 GB 20 EUR

* The included data allowance applies to data transfer in Si.mobil's GPRS/EDGE or 3G/HSDPA network through the access point. Transfer of data in foreign networks is blocked. Charging interval is 10 kB. Free use for 3 days means choosing the GIGA 1 plan. The Terms and Conditions for Using SIMPLnet Services apply. Text messages and calls to Slovenian networks are charged at 0.15 EUR, and other services are charged according to the valid pricelist. All prices include VAT.


System Requirements

For using this device and the Vodafone software you need the following:

  • A computer with Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 8, Windows(R) 7 (recommended SP1), Windows Vista(TM) (recommended SP2), or Windows(R) XP (recommended SP3), an Apple Mac computer with Mac OS(R) X 10.5 (Intel(R)), 10.6, or 10.7 (with the latest updates), or a computer with Linux (the list of supported distributions is available at
  • At least 100 MB disk space and 256 MB RAM.
  • An available USB port and administrator privileges for the computer.


Using SIMPLnet

  • Step 1: Insert the SIMPLnet SIM card you received in your package into your data device (tablet, computer, USB modem, etc.)
  • Step 2: Install the software from the USB modem which is required for connecting, and set up the access point name if necessary.
  • The access point name (APN):
  • Username: simobil
  • Password: internet
  • Step 3: Connect to Si.mobil's Mobile Internet.
  • Step 4: Open your browser and you will automatically be redirected to the SIMPLnet page, where you can:
  • check the balance on your SIMPLnet account, phone number, and how long the account is valid
  • top up your SIMPLnet account with SIMPL top-up cards
  • choose one of the data plans
  • Step 5: If your SIMPLnet balance allows for it, choose one of the data plans and click "ZAKUPI" (PURCHASE).
  • Step 6: Now you are ready to begin using Si.mobil's Mobile Internet.


How can I top up my SIMPLnet account?

SIMPL top-up cards are available at many stores and ATMs throughout Slovenia. They come in values of 5 EUR, 10 EUR, and 20 EUR, and can be activated by:

  • entering the 14-digit code from the SIMPL top-up card on the SIMPLnet website and clicking "NAPOLNI"
  • calling 040 40 40 40 and providing the 14-digit code from the SIMPL top-up card

SIMPLnet accounts can also be topped up through the TOP UP service.


Data Rates

Si.mobil's data rates are the fastest in Slovenia, a fact which was proven in Netcheck's independent analysis. Si.mobil's network supports nominal data rates of up to 21 Mbps (HSPA+), and sometimes up to 42 Mbps downllink (Dual Carrier HSPA+). Actual data rates vary depending on the distance from the base station, the number of active users, and other factors.

For more information call 040 40 40 40 or visit a Si.mobil store.

Access to Mobile Internet Services

Our users can take advantage of all the features of mobile internet, and we are especially committed to providing uninterrupted access to the web and the most commonly used services, such as email. Instant Messaging is also available, as well as web apps and systems for file sharing and transfer (FTP, P2P, etc.), and more. In the event that many users are on the network at the same time, service may slow down accordingly.


Checking the balance on the prepaid account

If you wish to check the balance on your prepaid account, dial *448# and press call. You can also call 448 and follow the instructions on the answering machine. Calling and messaging to 448 is free of charge.

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Topping up the prepaid account

Si.mobil provides several ways of topping up prepaid accounts:

  • SIMPL top-up cards available at many stores and ATMs throughout Slovenia
  • E-top ups with a credit card or via your online bank

You can also top up your SIMPL account here.

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The SIMPL Bonus Club

Membership in the SIMPL Bonus Club brings you bonuses of up to 20 % of your monthly top ups, as well as bonuses for loyalty. Members are also sent information about useful and interesting new products, services and features, discounts, and prize competitions. To find out more or register, visit: SIMPL Bonus Club.

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NUJNO (URGENT) service

We designed the URGENT service for all prepaid customers. This service allows them to send a free standard text message, even with no credit on their account.

How to use the NUJNO service?

When you have no credit on your prepaid account, text NUJNO + recipient's phone number to 448.

Example of use

If you wish to ask a customer whose phone number is 040555444 to call you or top up your prepaid account, text NUJNO 040555444 to 448.

The recipient will receive the following text message:

Poklici me, lahko pa mi napolnis moj SIMPL racun z SMS sporocilom s kljucno besedo POLNI Znesek MojaStevilka, ki ga posljes na 448. (Call me, or you can also top up my SIMPL account by texting POLNI + amount + my number to 448).

Text messages for the URGENT service can be sent to any Slovenian mobile network. If the recipient is not a Si.mobil subscriber or prepaid customer, they can only call you, but cannot top up your account.

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