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Save More Than €400 in a Year with the Exceptional A1 Kombo Promotion

( 12.10.2017 )

Until the end of the year A1 Slovenija is offering its new and existing users an exceptional promotion on its A1 Kombo triple play plans, which include internet, TV, and telephone services. All Kombo plans will be available to A1 Slovenija's new and existing users for the first year at the best price on the market, namely from just €18.99 per month. By combining all the services on one invoice users will be able to save up to €408 in their first year.

The A1 Kombo S, M, and L triple play plans combine a unique combination of TV, internet, and fixed telephone services. When taking advantage of the special autumn promotion, which lasts until 31 December 2017, A1 Slovenija's new and existing users will receive a special promotional price for their first year. The monthly subscription fee for any A1 Kombo plan for the first year will be just €18.99. Users will also receive exclusive content, 210 TV channels, HBO, and unlimited fixed telephone calls for the first month. A1 Slovenija's mobile subscribers will receive 100 GB of additional data allowance for the next two years when combining their mobile services with any A1 Kombo plan.
"A1 Kombo plans are the only ones in Slovenija that allow users to deactivate off services they do not need, thereby making for significant savings. The new promotion further increases these savings. At the same time we simplified the path towards 100 GB free data allowance for our mobile users," emphasized Jure Bohinc, Head of Value Proposition at A1 Slovenija.
The unique promotion applies to all A1 Kombo plans when concluding a 24-month contract.
More about the A1 Kombo offer and plans is available here.