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Let All Hearts Sing with Joy These Holidays

( 19.12.2017 )

December is the time of joy and happiness. It is the time we spend with our nearest and dearest. And it is the time for gifts. A1 gave this year's holiday donation to the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (SAFY), handing them 100 of the most high-end and best preserved smartphones collected in the Trade-In Your Phone campaign, along with prepaid SIM cards. SAFY will give the phones to children from socially disadvantaged families, aged between 12 and 14 from across Slovenia.

Social responsibility is the cornerstone of A1's operations, and the company decided a few years ago to take the funds earmarked for gifts to business partners and use them for charity instead. "With this year's holiday donation we wish to make it easier for children from socially disadvantaged families to access information, help them connect and communicate with peers, and enrich and enhance their days. And we especially wish that for at least one moment during the holidays, their heart sing with joy," said Dejan Turk, CEO of A1 Slovenija.

With this donation A1 Slovenija is continuing its mission of connecting people, places and things to enrich the experience of work, life and entertainment. Special attention is paid to responsibility toward people, our colleagues, our users, as well as the broader public.

"Children and youths who live in socially disadvantaged environments often have to go without certain material things that can distance them from their peers at school and elsewhere. Mobile phones will make their day-to-day communication easier, and they will be able to connect even better with their friends, so we are very excited about this donation," said Darja Groznik, the president of the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth.

Some gifts bring a smile to the lips, others can change lives. Yet all gifts bring a spark of curiosity and expectation to the eyes.