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A1’s Bee Ribbon Promotes Support for the Bees

( 20.05.2019 )

Did you know that a third of global food production depends on bee pollination? A1 Slovenija has been looking after bees for a few years, as the company is aware of their importance. On World Bee Day the company prepared several activities aiming to raise public awareness of the importance of these black and yellow creatures for our lives. This year it designed the Bee Ribbon to launch the initiative and call on the public to spread awareness of the importance of bees. So, pin your ribbon and support the bees!

A1 has been integrating environmental responsibility in its operations for a number of years. To celebrate World Bee Day the company has unveiled the Bee Ribbon that symbolically highlights its care for this most industrious animal on the planet. The ribbon marks the start of the initiative in which the company is calling on people to show their support by putting on the ribbon and helping raise awareness of the importance of bees. If you want to show you care about the bees, you can get a ribbon at A1's points of sale, or you can pin a virtual one to your Facebook profile picture.

A1 provides home to six families of bees on the roof of its office building in Ljubljana. Since May the hives have been adorned with 30 beehive panels with children's illustrations that were created in the Cici Artwork competition inspired by bedtime fairy tales. 70 Slovenian preschools, 88 elementary schools and 28 individuals took part in the competition. The expert jury selected 150 works that were displayed at the 14th Cici Art Show. 

A1 Slovenija has an in-house beekeeper who takes care of the bees on its roof, but each and every one of us can help the bees flourish by planting melliferous plants. Select domestic and ornamental perennials for your garden, and you can put herbs, aromatic plants and all kinds of flowers in pots on your balcony. We have attached marigold seeds to every Bee Ribbon, available at all A1 Slovenija shops across Slovenia.

After last year's first bee trilogy, the audio fairy tales Lahkonočnice (Bedtime Storytellers) series continue with bee stories. From this year's World Bee Day the collection will have a new swarm of bedtime fairy tales. The heroes of these tales will be the wild and domesticated bees, teaching the children about differences between and features of individual types of bees. The author of these entertaining and informative tales that will guide the young ones towards dreams, sweet as honey, is Sebastijan Pregelj, while illustrations were made by Marta Bartol.

More about bees: A1.si/cebele

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