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Something good at A1 with the new plans with no lock-in and an excellent television viewing experience

( 25.05.2020 )

A1 Slovenija has refreshed its internet and television bundles, introducing the new A1 Xplore TV solution, which brings a completely new television viewing experience. Subscribers to the new bundled plans will also be able to enjoy new, higher internet speeds. A1 is the only operator on the market to introduce plans with no lock-in at a single, affordable price.

The revamped services are aimed especially at those users who value flexibility and being carefree. All plans are available with no lock-in, and users can also opt to switch to a different plan or terminate their subscriber agreement free of charge within the first 3 months. The new range of A1 Net+TV plans with a flexible TV channel lineup allows users to tailor TV content to their needs, and the plans also come with fixed telephone service as an option.


The new A1 Net+TV plans with higher internet speeds of up to 350 Mbps come in three sizes. The basic Net+TV S plan costs €29.99 and includes more than 110 television channels, the A1 Net+TV M includes more than 190 television channels for €34.99, while the A1 Net+TV L includes more than 240 television channels with a 7-day catch-up service for €44.99. Catch-up service is also available to the subscribers of the two smaller plans at a low fee and a 3-month trial period.


A1 Slovenija users will now also be able to enjoy higher internet speeds. Those connected over fiber optics will be able to feel the speed hike, as they will be able to upgrade their connection with speeds of up to 500/100 Mbps. For the best experience, A1 Slovenija is also offering the new, top-of-the-line Fritzbox modem.


The internet-only plans, A1 Wireless net and A1 Fix net, are also new, and still include internet speed upgrades and the online video services HBO GO, VOYO and NBA League Pass.

A1 Slovenija did not forget those users who cannot watch TV content because of poor infrastructure – combined with internet access subscription plans, they can opt for the television service with up to 150 channels, with the A1 Wireless net + TV plans.


To top it off, all users who select A1 Net+TV plans will get to enjoy the completely novel experience of watching TV with the new A1 Xplore TV solution. The revamped TV interface also includes a new content recommendation system, a search engine, an option to record favourite shows and automatic adjustment of the image quality of TV channels. In addition to live television, users can select from 10,000 films and television shows in the video library and apps from established video on demand providers. Using the A1 Xplore TV Go app, they can transfer content to their smart devices and watch them at the same time on up to six screens.


For more information on new A1 Net+TV plans go to: a1.si/tv-paketi

For more information on new A1 Wireless + TV plans go to: a1.si/a1-brezzicni-net-tv

For more information on the new A1 Xplore TV service go to: a1.si/a1-xplore-tv