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A1 Slovenija presents A1 Xplore Music by Deezer – music non-stop and unlimited

( 07.12.2020 )

Just in time for all your favorite Christmas hits, A1 Slovenija and Deezer present the music streaming platform A1 Xplore Music by Deezer. The new streaming service brings more than 56 million songs without any interruptions and limitations – free of charge for the first month. A1 Slovenija will also give all users who will activate the A1 Xplore Music by Deezer by 31 January 2021 the A1 Play Music option, and with it free data transfer for streaming music.


Unlimited music anywhere and anytime

The A1 Xplore Music by Deezer online platform brings the world of music experience that you can enjoy carefree and without limits across all your smart devices, anywhere you are, even when there is no connection. The Deezer app is available for smartphones with the Android and iOS operating systems, as well as through a web browser.

The service supports creating your own library for music, podcasts and playlists, while the intuitive Flow feature will learn your musical taste and recommend new songs, similar to the ones you like, or remind you of the tunes that might have slipped your mind, and bring back pleasant memories.


Song recognition and lyrics database

The days of not knowing which song this is or its lyrics are in the past. A1 Xplore Music by Deezer comes with the Song Catcher feature which recognizes songs that are played at your location immediately. With just one tap you can save the matched song into your favorites or add it to a playlist. All those who enjoy singing will find the lyrics to popular songs indispensable, and you can access them even before the first line of the selected song begins.


After the end of the free promotional trial, the latest music platform is available in the A1 Xplore Music by Deezer for just €5.99 per month. Family subscription plan provides music streaming to six users with the A1 Xplore Music by Deezer Family plan for just €8.99 per month. All this with no data usage and conveniently all on your A1 monthly invoice.


Additional information on A1 Xplore Music by Deezer and instructions for installation are available at: www.a1.si/xploremusic-deezer