At 6 locations across Slovenia Si.mobil has started offering LTE Advanced, the technology of the future, which provides significantly higher network capacities with speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Since obtaining radio frequencies for the provision of public communication services, including the frequency spectrum with special coverage obligations, Si.mobil has been intensively expanding its network with the latest LTE technology. So far the company has brought the fastest 4G internet to more than 65% of the population, while also providing coverage to 80 white spots.

At 6 locations across Slovenia Si.mobil has started offering LTE Advanced. "Si.mobil is already providing broadband internet with speeds that are significantly higher than the average among fixed providers. By mid-2017 broadband internet will be available wherever we offer voice services today and white spots will also get coverage," stressed Ulrich Rokita, Si.mobil CTO, demonstrating that Si.mobil has so far covered 80 white spots across Slovenia. Johannes Nabecker, Access & Transport Network Sector director at Si.mobil, added: "Internet use is going up on a daily basis, and LTE-A technology will allow us to ensure sufficient capacities and speeds that our customers want and need."

"Telekom Austria Group is proud that our Slovenian company Si.mobil is among the first Telecom providers in Europe to show the benefits of an advanced LTE network infrastructure for the customers. LTE-A is an important milestone on our way to 5G, where Telekom Austria Group has recently joined the NGMN alliance to define future 5-G standards.  In addition, the LTE-A launch is a perfect example how Si.mobil has many advantages from synergies based on technological know-how across the Telekom Austria Group", stated Günther Ottendorfer, CTO Telekom Austria Group.