Slovenia country code

Slovenia country code abbreviation

Double-digit Slovenia country code abbreviation is SI, but the official abbreviation of the country is SVN. Abbreviation SLO is still frequently used on vehicle registration plates, and can also be seen at sports events, etc.

Slovenia country calling code

For calls to Slovenia use calling code +386 and the telephone number you wish to call without the first 0 (example: phone number 040 123 456 - calling to Slovenia: +386 40 123 456).

What is also good to know before visiting Slovenia

If you travel to Slovenia from a distant country, you will probably travel by plane. If you will be landing in Slovenia, it will be at the Ljubljana International Airport which is about 25 km from the city centre. There are many connections with Ljubljana - from taxis and shuttle transports to buses.

If your destination is another Slovenian city, there are direct transportation available from Ljubljana to all major Slovene cities (bus or railway connections in the centre of Ljubljana).

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