Slovenia mobile operators

Despite small market, there are several mobile operators in Slovenia which provide, beside calls, mobile internet and all other possibilities which mobile telephony currently offers.

Why choose A1 Slovenija of all mobile operators in Slovenia?

  • Great price - our offer is very excellent and particularly suited to demands of each individual. With prepaid and subscription offers, we strive to include all your wishes in attractive and reasonably-priced package regardless if you have visited Slovenia for a week or you moved permanently.
  • Reliability - our network enables excellent, over 99% coverage of Slovenian territory. You will not need to worry to lose the signal in crucial moments, regardless of your location - be it on Slovenian coast or in highest ski centres A1 Slovenija also currently offers over 70% coverage with LTE. If you are coming from these countries and are using these operators you can also use the fastest LTE internet:
Austria A1 Telekom Austria AG
Belgium Belgacom
Switzerland Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
Czech Republic Vodafone Czech Republic
Germany Vodafone D2
Spain Vodafone Espana S.A.
France Telekom Deutschland GmbH
United Kingdom Vodafone Ltd
Croatia VIPnet d.o.o.
Ireland Vodafone Ireland Ltd
Italy Vodafone Omnitel N.V.
South Korea KT Freetel
Netherlands Vodafone Libertel N.V.
New Zealand Vodafone Mobile NZ Limited
Portugal Vodafone Portugal
Romania Vodafone Romania S.A.
Russia MegaFon, Open Joint Stock Company
Turkey Vodafone Telekomunikasyon A.S

Big selection of mobile phones - our stores offer big selection of mobile phones, and you will definitely find one which suits you best, with our help. If you decide to subscribe to any of our packages, we can offer you additional benefits for the purchase of a phone.

Slovenia mobile operators also enable roaming. By connecting with foreign partners, we at A1 Slovenija try that calls during your visits of neighbouring and other European countries would be as cheap as possible, with cheap offers for mobile internet.

You can find A1's nearest store by visiting and select the city of your location.