Slovenian mobile numbers

Do you wish to call to Slovenia, but you don't know the calling code?

For all mobile calls to Slovenia, type country code +386 and the phone number you wish to call.

Slovenian mobile numbers start with 0 which you omit when calling from a a foreign country. Instead of calling 040404040, you would call +38640404040.

All Slovenian mobile numbers:

All numbers starting with  040, 030, 068, 031, 041, 051, 071, 070 and 064 are mobile numbers. If you would like to obtain a Slovenian mobile number, Simobil can provide numbers starting with 040, 030, and 068.

Price for calling Slovenian mobile numbers

Price for calls to Slovenia depends on the price determined by your operator. If you have any of our packages and are roaming abroad, it is also important to select the cheapest foreign operator for calls, internet, and text messaging.

You also can find the cheapest operator abroad with the following application:

Select an offer you wish or already have, enter the country you are travelling to, and select the operator which is the cheapest.

Other important Slovenian telephone numbers:

Si.mobil Customer Support 040 40 40 40
The most important number which needs to be remembered. Dial this number if you need an ambulance or fire fighters. 112
Police 113
Free phone number 080
Phone number with additional costs being charged for a service. 090
International country code for Slovenia 00 386
Calling abroad from Slovenia 00 + country code
Telephone subscriber information - Slovenia 1188
Telephone subscriber information - Abroad 1180
Road Assistance 1987
Breakdown Assistance +386 1 530 53 53
Automobile Association of Slovenia +386 1 530 52 00

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