Slovenian Phone Directory

Are you searching for a Slovenian Phone Directory?

All mobile subscribers can be found at the following link:

Enter your keyword or known information on a subscriber, and Slovenian Phone Directory will find all relevant hits.

Can't find the person you have been looking for?

Unfortunately, we cannot add all our subscribers as they have to agree with being in the directory. If you are searching for a person who does not want to be added to the A1's Slovenian Phone Directory, you will get no information.

The other option is that the person you are looking for may not be a subscribers of A1 Slovenija. In this case, you can search them with databases from competitive companies. The easiest way to find them would be to enter "Slovenian Phone Directory" in search providers.

How to search?

You can enter a phone number you wish to know more information about. You can also enter a part of the number, and the application will return all hits which match and contain the selected numbers.

If you know first and last name of a person, and you need their phone number, you won't have any problems. Enter information in the phone book, enter the security code, and click search.

Even if you do not have a telephone number, or a precise first and last name of the person you wish to search for, you can use a phone book and enter the address or a part of it which you know.

Application also enables combining various things so you can search by phone number part and the last name, or by partial address and name, etc. If the person you are searching for is our subscriber, you will definitely find them.