7 sessions, 13 lecturers and 400 participants: this was the output of this year's summer school Smart Talks, which encouraged colleagues from three companies to educate and improve their knowledge customer experience management.

Si.mobil, Luna/TBWA and Aragon created and organized Smart Talks 2014 events. This is our way to enable colleagues a summer full of educational content for the second year in a row.

Si.mobil´s colleagues gave presentations at the introductory event of our summer trainings and in the next sessions, the well-known CEM expert Alain Thys was with us and we are delighted to see that all 100 seats are taken. A live-stream for Si.mobil´s employees was be available so that they could virtually attend the event.

After 7 sessions during the summer, we finished Smart Talks with round table. Total, 13 lecturers spoke, and almost 400 Si.mobil, Luna/TBWA, and Aragon employees attended the events.