About A1 Slovenija

Business operations


Responsibility takes root within the company.

We operate ethically and transparently, and in the long run this strengthens our reputation and the public's trust in our work. Our excellence in business is the key to our competitive edge, our successful operations, and our jobs themselves.

Efficient, ethical, and transparent operations are an important element of A1's culture.


The user is the center of our operations. That is why we position the user front and center every day. We are always looking for new ways to provide the best user experience on the Slovenian market and are dedicated to creating useful communication services and responsible operations. We use technology to construct the right space and opportunities for sincere closeness. Satisfying a user is a small victory for us, one toward which we strive day in, day out.

We create solutions that enrich our users' experience of work, life, and play. Our services are advanced, simple, and worry-free. They are tailored to our customers' desires and needs. We want to use the endless opportunities modern technology brings to their advantage, to help them with the challenges they face, brighten their daily lives, and improve the quality of life in the digital age. Through innovation we want to facilitate progress, while also creating new services and products bringing added value to our users.


We build our operations on foundations of ethics and responsibility towards ourselves and others. Accordingly, we are working to establish an organizational culture that reinforces a business culture of integrity, lowers risks, and improves our reputation. We believe that responsibility accelerates company growth. Our decisions are guided by the Code of Conduct. This is an umbrella document that helps steer all Telekom Austria Group employees towards compliant business operations. Along with the Code, a range of guidelines are available to our colleagues to assist them regarding their work and behavior, including guidelines on gifts and invitations, on consulting services and lobbying, on sponsorships, donations and advertising, on preventing corruption and conflicts of interest, and regarding the rules of competition law. The guidelines are accompanied by an executive document governing business compliance – Regulations on Employee Conduct in A1 Slovenija, which defines the rights and obligations of employees in procedures related to the business compliance policy, and the obligations of the Compliance Assessment Team. 


The rules provide guidelines which are binding for all employees, as well as students and those working through employment agencies, and any violation of the rules or guidelines constitutes a breach of the employment relationship. We adopted the following guidelines:

  • Guidelines on Gifts and Invitations,
  • Guidelines on Sponsorships, Donations, and Advertising,
  • Guidelines on Consulting Services and Lobbying,
  • Guidelines Regarding Corruption and Conflict of Interest Prevention
  • Guidelines Regarding Competition Law

A1 Slovenija's Compliance Assessment Team

We appointed an internal team in charge of introducing and implementing business compliance guidelines, which employees can turn to if they have any questions or dilemmas. We also created a portal for reporting any violations or suspected abuse, where reports can be made completely anonymously and which is carefully managed by the head of the business compliance team. 

A special compliance assessment team is in charge of implementing the compliance policy at A1 Slovenija. The team comprises:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding compliance, you can turn to them at any time.


In pursuit of our efforts for efficient and customer-friendly operations, and in accordance with our environmental policy, we have been intensively introducing paperless operations.


We were the second Slovenian company to have introduced a system for the mass issue and distribution of e-invoices. Our operations are fully supported with e-archiving and in accordance with e-retention rules approved by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.


We introduced an innovative solution for electronic signatures - the ePen. Concluding contracts and managing relations with costumers at our sale points is done exclusively electronically.


We encourage customers to use the e-invoice. Its advantages are in the reduced consumption of paper required for printing invoices, greater business efficiency, and better security.

Invoice Payment Machines

We started installing machines which customers can use to pay their invoices without a fee.