About A1 Slovenija

Environmental Policy

Social responsibility is ingrained in the very core of business operations at A1 Slovenija. We live it every day in everything we do. Along with responsibility towards people we place a special focus on our responsibility towards the environment, both natural and social. We are also obligated to operate with environmental responsibility as a member of the Telekom Austria Group.

Our internal Eco Team is comprised of colleagues who implement ideas and initiatives on how to make our processes and workplaces greener, thereby also lowering our carbon footprint and other environmental impacts. We strive to provide financial as well as human resources for environmental projects, as well as ongoing and special training for know-how and skills on limiting our impact on the environment.

We have been lowering our carbon footprint as much as possible since 2009. We have implemented the ISO 14001 environmental management system and EMAS to define our environmental programs and measure the objectives we set.

Our operations are based on energy savings and increasing energy efficiency. We ensure low energy with the construction of a modern and efficient network. Even though we are constantly upgrading our network, we strive to bring down energy use per unit of traffic. Part of energy is obtained from renewable resources, and we aim to increase this share in the future.

We conserve material resources by purchasing products that are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and reusable. All of our points of sale are equipped with a system for e-signatures, which considerably decreases paper use, and we also encourage our users to become more environmentally conscious. Replacing business trips with videoconference calls further decreases our energy use.

We put a lot of focus on waste disposal, with strict waste separation and preventing waste from even being created. We encourage our employees as well as our business partners to handle waste properly. Our shops all have bins for disposing old phones, chargers, and batteries.

We actively educate our users on the effects of electromagnetic radiation and regularly collaborate with stakeholders and the general public on this issue. Much like all environmental requirements the measurements of electromagnetic emissions are conducted in accordance with legislation, and just as in all other aspects of environmental protection, we strive to go a step beyond the required standards.

The EMAS 2020 Environmental Statement

Certificate ISO 14001:2015 and IQNet