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We started in our own backyard; next, we began forming alliances; now, we are also encouraging others. 

Our Re.think project was conceived as an environmental project, but has morphed into a metaphor for everything that we do in the scope of our social responsibility. We are aware of the significance of responsible and environmentally friendly operations, which is why environmentally conscious activities have been interwoven into both our long-term business strategy and our day-to-day activities.

We have called on our colleagues to volunteer for the internal Eco Team, where they are free to put into action their ideas and initiatives on how to make our processes and workplaces greener, which also reduces our carbon footprint and environmental impact in general. We are proud that today environmental awareness permeates our whole company. For environmental projects we strive to provide financial as well as human resources, as well as ongoing and special training for know-how and skills on limiting our impact on the environment. What is more, at Si.mobil we have established a process that helps us determine requirements for training our employees about our environmental impact.

We have also founded the independent and non-profit foundation Si.voda Fund with the mission of looking after pure and healthy waters in Slovenia. The Si.voda Fund has supported 10 projects in its five years of operations, worth a total of ?202,992.53, contributing to raising awareness and working toward actively resolving problems related to the quality of water in Slovenia.

When renovating our shops, as well as the franchises and shops of our independent partners, we digitized most operations, thereby reducing the paper consumption. All points of sale also feature an e-signature system, which reduces the need for printing contracts and other papers. Most of the shops have energy saving light bulbs and LEDs installed, which lowers energy consumption, and prominently feature Re.think bins for collecting broken and used up phones, chargers, and batteries.

We made a major step forward in using less electricity for powering our network. Even though we upgraded our network, electricity consumption decreased. This is made possible through the use of modern equipment with significantly lower energy requirements. Energy efficiency will remain our objective for the future, as in the next three years we will be providing LTE broadband mobile internet coverage to 95% of the population.







The ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate

Si.mobil is successful in maintaining its ISO 14001 environmental management system

At Si.mobil, we continuously strive towards better environmental performance and reducing environmental pollution. After 2009, we established environmental management system and obtained ISO 14001 certificate. The environmental management system includes all telecommunications activities, wireless communication, satellite communication activities and Headquarters' building (Šmartinska 134b) as well as Si.mobil shop centers.

ISO 14001: the Environmental Certificate ISO14000:2004

Entry into the EMAS System

After successful ISO 14001 audit and the confirmation that Si.mobil meets the EMAS standards, the Slovenian Environment Agency entered the company into the EMAS registry in April 2014. EMAS, the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, is an EU system for encouraging more appropriate environmental organizational management and raising public awareness on human influence on the environment. It is an upgrade of the ISO 14001 certificate, ensuring greater transparency, openness, and periodic publication of verified environmental information.








Together with the program's leaders, the members of the Eco Team have drafted a plan for our environmental programs. The key starting point for planning and implementing programs was the effectiveness of investments, and at the same times the programs are also well aligned with the socially responsible strategy of our owner, the Telekom Austria Group. We have included the following areas in our environmental programs:

  1. reducing our carbon footprint (an overarching program and goal)
  2. energy, electricity, and renewables
  3. business trips
  4. paper consumption
  5. waste and recycling
  6. energy efficiency
  7. EMS and base stations

We have set the following medium-range goals as part of these programs:

  1. cutting CO2 emissions by 15 % by 2020
  2. increasing the share of energy from renewable sources to 40 % by 2020
  3. improving energy efficiency by 10 % by 2015
  4. increasing our recycling rate by 5 % by 2015
  5. cutting paper consumption by 10 % by 2015
  6. decreasing the number of kilometers covered by planes by 5 % by 2015
  7. informing the public about the effects of electro-magnetic radiation







The Si.voda Fund, the institute for clean and healthy waters, is an independent institution, founded in the spirit of Si.mobil's Re.think philosophy. As the founder and driving force behind the institution, Si.mobil wants to ensure that clean and healthy water will also be available to future generations.

The Fund's Operations

The Si.voda Fund is a non-profit organization whose mission is to use a professional approach to raise awareness about the importance of water and our impact on it, while actively tackling the issue of water quality in Slovenia. The Si.voda Fund's vision is to use a sustainable approach to make sure that clean and healthy water will also be available to future generations. The Si.voda Fund is the brainchild of Si.mobil.

Tangible results and the projects' effectiveness are important criteria in granting a donation. In 2012, the Si.voda Fund's Foundation Council and Expert Council approved the ethical guidelines for the Fund's operations.

The Si.voda Fund's Projects

Since its founding in 2009, the Si.voda Fund has invested a total of 159,189.07 EUR in seven projects:

  • constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment at the outdoor classroom in Modraže, in the Poljčane municipality
  • constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in Kozjanski park (a protected biotope)
  • constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment at the popular hiking spot Lisca nad Sevnico
  • a rainwater reservoir and drinking fountains at the Hans Christian Andersen kindergarten in Ljubljana
  • a biological wastewater treatment system at the Ivan Tavčar Gorenja vas elementary school in Lučine
  • the initiative of the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia for entering the Krainer wall technique into the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage kept by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
  • installation of drinking fountains at four branches of the Mojca kindergarten in the Ljubljana municipality

Upcoming projects in 2014:

  • the opening of the constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment at Mrzli Vrh


Fundraising sources are defined by Si.voda Fund's Articles of Association, which determine that the institute may raise funds for its operations from its founder, through its own activities, from donors, from local, state, and international calls for funding applications, or from other sources in a manner and under the conditions defined by Articles of Association. The fund undertakes to raise funds transparently.

Si.mobil's customers can also contribute to the Si.voda Fund:

  • by texting SIVODA to 1919 and donating 1 EUR
  • by activating the Re.think Option and donating 1 EUR to the Si.voda Fund every month

 Si.mobil donates 1 EUR to the Si.voda Fund:

  • for every Si.mobil user who activates e-invoices
  • for every phone that users bring to any Si.mobil sales centers to be recycled
  • for every activated Re.think Option and for every text message donation to the Fund 

Si.mobil's Environmental Policy

Si.mobil has incorporated social responsibility into the core of its operations. It is an integral part of our business vision, mission, our employees' competencies, and the values of our brand. It is our professional responsibility to operate ethically and efficiently. Our responsibility to our employees is to effectively manage our human resources. Our responsibility to our fellow man lies in supporting the community. Our responsibility to the environment is to reduce our environmental impact.

To better structure and focus our efforts towards responsible and sustainable operations, aside from the management processes which we have already overhauled, in 2012 we identified 4 areas where our responsibility is centered:

  • improving quality of life
  • effective resource management
  • providing security
  • putting ideas into action

Effective Resource Management

We understand that our influence on the environment begins already with the choice of our suppliers and their range of products, where we take into account their ecological footprint. Our influence is also reflected in our users' choices, from the products we sell (telephones, batteries, SIM cards, and other EE equipment) to the way in which they are disposed. We also have a broader impact on the environment, as every action in our professional  as well as in our private lives also affects our air, water, land, etc. Accordingly, we would like our actions to help our users and the broader public achieve understanding and awareness about environmental issues, which would lead to them taking the initiative themselves. The company's growth and success can only be measured by criteria which take into account the consequences of our actions on the environment. We are defenders of growth, but the environmental impact that comes with it must be as small as possible.

To include our employees in our environmentally centered activities as much as possible, we founded an internal Eco Team. We are learning together, searching for innovative solutions to help us clean up our own back yard, so that by acting locally we can have a global impact. This includes taking into account all valid legislation and, by means of our own actions, staying a step ahead of the required norms. We have made it possible for all our employees to use an app on the intranet called Si.nventor (Si.umnik) to submit their suggestions and proposals for social responsibility and care for the environment.

In November 2008 we introduced our Re.think philosophy, which was conceived as a way to link our environmental actions together, but today Re.think has grown to encompass the whole of our socially responsible activities.

Si.mobil is constantly working to improve its approach to the environment and therefore reduce the company's impact on it, which is why in 2009 it introduced an environmental management system.

Our environmental management system covers all of Si.mobil's operations, our wired, wireless and satellite communication activities, our headquarters in Ljubljana (Šmartinska 134b), and all Si.mobil sales points (find a list at www.simobil.si).

Our environmental activities are mostly focused on the following areas:

  • the efficient use of resources, especially an energy-efficient network, offices, and stores
  • environmentally-friendly products and services, such as e-invoices, e-archive, e-signature, and other electronic paperless forms of operation
  • awareness and education of employees, who are actively engaged in our environmental activities
  • increasing the awareness of the importance of environmental activities among all stakeholders

Si.mobil adheres to all valid legislation, while our environmental activities exceed the basic standards required, and we strive in our operations to constantly improve our processes, prevent pollution, and minimize our environmental impact.

Si.mobil's Management Board approved the amendments to the company's environmental policy during the process of internal auditing for the ISO 14001 certificate, as well as for EMAS, in June 2014.
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