About A1 Slovenija

Responsibility towards customers


Our responsibility towards others is also manifested in our efforts to help raise their quality of living. We strengthen our bonds with customers and local communities also through donations, which we reasonably and in cooperation with our partners integrate into our communication and marketing activities. 

Security Policy

Responsibility also includes ensuring the secure use of our services. Due to increasing requirements from the environment and ever higher standards, we designed a new IT security policy which is compliant with Telekom Austria Group's security policy.

We were one of the first operators in the world to improve the A5/3 security algorithm in our 2G network, in collaboration with the Group's subsidiary A1 Telekom Austria. We introduced an authentication system for every call, which significantly improved their security.

Our business model of cloud services received a compliment at the level of the Telekom Austria Group, and was highlighted as an example of best practice and an example for other companies within the group. This model also received an award from EuroCloud Slovenija as the best example of applying cloud computing services in business in 2012.

Safe Use of Services

Prepaid Price Plans for Children and their Parents

Existing prepaid price plans are not suited to children's needs, so A1 Slovenija designed special prepaid price plans for them which brings additional benefits for children of A1's subscribers.

Prepaid Price Plans include safeguards preventing fraud and the uncontrolled rise of costs:

  • blocked calls to commercial 090 numbers. 
  • the option of limiting the access to mobile internet.
  • blocked mobile MONETA payment service.
  • blocked access to adult content on the Vodafone live! portal,
  • availability even with no credit on the Prepiad account and up to 90 days after the last top up.
  • text message notifications about the balance on the Prepaid account for parents.

To make the use even safer and more carefree, we put together a handbook for parents and a brochure for children with useful tips on how to prevent potential abuse and control costs, as well as advice on appropriate etiquette in phone communication.

Safe Use of Mobile Internet

To provide the best possible user experience and protect users from a potential rapid increase in costs, we introduced some solutions to make the use of mobile internet more carefree:

  • automatic text message notifications about data transfer usage.
  • a data rate cap set at 64 kbps when a user's data allowance is exceeded by 50 MB.
  • monitoring of usage through the Moj A1 mobile app and the Moj A1 (My A1) portal.

Raising Public Awareness

We also put a lot of emphasis on educating the general public about the safe and secure use of mobile phones. Our efforts at raising awareness are focused primarily on the two groups who are the least skillful in using mobile phones - children and seniors.


We also see our responsibility towards others in helping them increase the quality of their lives. We strengthen our ties with users and local communities with donations and sponsorships, which we include in our communication and marketing activities.


In 2016 we continued to support various communities, associations and societies through donations. We supported the Fire Fighting Association of Slovenia in its effort to promote fire fighting among young people and donated €9,000 for the organization of the national youth firefighting championships. We donated 12 fully operational used computers to the Friends of Youth Association of Slovenia, making the work of their volunteers easier. We repeated the gesture from 2015 and donated the funds earmarked for holiday business gifts to charity. We joined forces with the Slovenian Association of Pre-Schools and donated tablet computers with 6 months of free internet access to 33 pre-schools from all over Slovenia in December. With this step, we wanted to contribute to improving the technical facilities available in Slovenian pre-schools, and help them conduct activities that modern technologies make possible. 

We also help charities raise donations through our SMS Donation service. The service allows users to donate €1 or €5 to the humanitarian organization of their choice by sending a text message with the select keyword to 1919. A1 Slovenija fully waives any revenue from sent text messages when providing this service.

Lahkonočnice (The Bedtime Storytellers) Project Uses Modern Technologies and Fairy Tales to Connect Generations of Young and Elderly

In December 2016 we launched an innovative project called Lahkonočnice (The Bedtime Storytellers). This is a collection of 40 original fairy tales in a digital audio format, available for free at lahkonocnice.si. They were written especially for the Lahkonočnice project by 8 established modern Slovenian storytellers, and are featured on the website alongside illustrations of renowned Slovenian artists. These fairy tales, intended for Slovenian children, were read by ten selected residents of the Fužine Retirement Home in Ljubljana. Lahkonočnice are a unique example of encouraging intergenerational bonds between Slovenian seniors and children through fairy tales written by contemporary Slovenian storytellers. More about the project.



We encourage creativity and innovation among employees and companies, and support making ideas a reality.


We make it possible for companies to do business, and give them opportunities to market their business solutions. We set up the first online market with business solutions, bizstore.si.

Bizstore.si expands the business opportunities available to developers, as it is open to all developers. Developers of business applications can simply publish and sell their products through the online market, and reach new business customers. Alongside the very concrete opportunity for selling and promoting their business solutions, bizstore.si also provides developers with a system for billing their services and metrics of user data.