About A1 Slovenija

Responsibility towards employees


The rapidly developing telecommunications industry also requires constant adjustments and progress in the area of employee development. We treat employees as a resource which must be given the opportunity to develop their abilities and capabilities, and we support this development with a number of activities. We also wish to improve our employees' satisfaction and motivation at the workplace by helping them maintain a healthy balance between their professional and private lives.

Annual discussions with employees are an important tool for meeting corporate strategic goals, as these goals are translated into individual goals for every employee. In addition to setting goals, annual discussions with employees are also an opportunity for professional and personal development.

The 270° performance appraisal gives us feedback on the performance of management and other employees. In 2014, we upgraded it to a 360° performance appraisal.

The TAGisfaction survey on employee commitment is conducted annually throughout the Telekom Austria Group.

We support exchange of know-how, best practices, and experience with our Si.academy, and we put special emphasis on the internal transfer of know-how and providing training with internal lecturers. Our employees can also attend Telekom Austria's TAG Business School. They can gain experience in Telekom Austria Group's international environment by joining the x.change program.

Identifying and developing key potentials is an important strategic focus for A1, which is designed to form and develop a solid team of employees whom A1 can count on in the future. Employees with specific know-how, the desired competencies, and significant work experience are included in the retention program and given a range of motivating incentives.

Employees can also join an additional pension insurance scheme to start saving early for their old age. A1 contributes 2.8 % of an employee's gross salary to the premium. We also wish to provide more security for our employees in the event of accidents, and are therefore part of a collective accident insurance program.


Helping employees balance their professional and private lives is part of A1's human resource management strategy. This makes employees more motivated for work, more committed and productive, and last but not least, more loyal to the company. We want to be an attractive employer for people with families who place a lot of importance on being able to balance their professional and private lives.

In 2007, A1 was among the first companies in Slovenia to be awarded the basic Family Friendly Enterprise certificate, and we implemented the following measures:

  • extra time off to spend with children,
  • flexible work breaks,
  • an expert team,
  • employee awareness,
  • public relations,
  • training for supervisors,
  • re-integration into the work process after maternity or parental leave.


At the end of 2010, we adopted additional measures and were awarded the full Family Friendly Enterprise certificate:

  • open doors day,
  • planning and conducting further training programs,
  • gifts for employees with newborns,
  • New Year's gifts for employees' children,
  • surveys on balancing professional and private lives among employees.

In 2012, we adopted another measure - providing daycare for employees' children during school breaks.

In 2013, we expanded our list of measures with free preventive medical examinations for all employees. These examinations are aimed at raising awareness among our employees about a disease which has become all too common in the modern era - cancer - and encouraging them to take more care for their health.


Volunteering is an integral part of our culture and we encourage our employees to engage in different areas as volunteers during working hours. All A1 employees can take 2 paid days off per year to do voluntary work, and these 2 days are recorded as regular work.

Our employees have participated in the Simbioza project, helping senior citizens learn basic computer skills and how to use mobile phones. Over 100 A1's employees contributed to the Simbioza project in 2013.

We cooperate in different charity drives for collecting clothes, food, and drinks, as well as bottle caps. Over the years our team building events have become opportunities for helping individuals through corporate volunteer actions. 


Data on employees on 31 December 2016:

  • Number of employees: 558
  • Average employee age: 36,42 years
  • Share of women among employees: 42,65 %
  • Share of women in management and leadership positions: 43,48 %
  • Share of employees with indefinite contracts: 86,02 %
  • Sick leave absence rate: 4,35 %