1. TopUp your account with Si.mobil SIMPL voucher

Where can you buy the SIMPL voucher?

You can buy the SIMPL voucher at several sales points in Slovenia:

* At the Petrol and OMV service stations ask for a SIMPL voucher of the desired amount: 5 EUR, 10 EUR or 20 EUR . You will receive a printed receipt with the following information: the serial number of the SIMPL voucher, the validity date and a 14-digit top-up number.

2. How to make calls in Si.mobil network

Si.mobil network enables Voicemail Access without the need to enter additional numbers or codes.

The usage of the mobile phone in Si.mobil network is very simple and does not differ much from the usual procedure in your home network. When dialing country codes, "0" for area code should be dropped.

  • Calls to Si.mobil network
    International Country Code + Si.mobil Key number + Mobile number
    Example: +386 40 XXX XXX
  • Calls to Slovene fixed network
    International Country Code + Area Code + Telephone number
    Example for calling to Ljubljana Region: +386 1 XXX XX XX