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A1 provides everything you need for flawless connectivity. Internet, television services, and mobile and fixed telephone services. All together at the touch of your palm. You can access your favorite content quickly, carefree, and most importantly securely. The fastest internet, a wealth and diversity of television channels, excellent mobile network coverage, and reliable fixed telephone services.



Full Data Rates

LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution. It brings the fastest mobile internet experience and makes it possible to transfer data over the mobile network up to 10 times faster than over 3G. This exceptional increase in speed is noticeable when gaming, downloading or streaming music, videos, and transferring large files, or when surfing the web.

Access to the LTE network is free of charge, and all A1 subscription plans also provide full data transfer speeds of up to 150/50 Mbps.

What do you need to use 4G/LTE?


To use the fastest 4G/LTE network you need:

  • a smartphone with 4G/LTE network support, and
  • a USIM card


4G/LTE phones connect automatically to the 4G/LTE network. Naturally they also operate in the 3G network where access to the 4G/LTE network is not yet possible.


The USIM card is a new version of the SIM card. It makes it possible to use new technologies and service which require more data on the card. They are available at all A1 points of sale  in all sizes (mini, micro, nano). We replace your SIM card for a new USIM one free of charge.


What Is the Difference Between 3G and 4G/LTE?

The 4G/LTE network provides blistering mobile internet speeds of up to 150/50 Mbps.

4G/LTE is entirely a data network. This means that when receiving or making a call your connection automatically switches from 4G/LTE network to 3G network. After finishing the call, the connection to 4G/LTE network will automatically reestablish, if you are in the area of coverage.

What Does the Speed Depend on?

Data transfer speeds depend on numerous factors, such as the number of users, local conditions, network traffic, the devices and their software, data transfer sources, general internet traffic and access to the site.

Considering your needs, you may choose between the subscription plans below which all provide access to the LTE network:  

  • The A1 Svobodni mobile subscription plans
  • The A1 ORTO mobile subscription plan for young people
  • The A1 Hitri Net subscription plan for internet access on a tablet or other mobile device with access to the 4G or LTE network
  • The A1 Domači Net subscription plan for limitless data allowance to use internet at home with an LTE route.





A1 provides the best television services you can adapt to your wishes and needs. In a range of more than 250 top of the line channels you are sure to find something just right for you. We also ensure the perfect user experience. In just a few simple steps you can use your remote to add or remove exclusive TV channels right from your couch.

We also bring you a range of benefits and extra services to make your television watching experience even better. That means features like time shift and recorder so you never miss your favorite TV show. Exclusive channels and video on demand options satisfy even the most exotic preferences, while our mobile TV app brings TV content to any device, anywhere and anytime.

Fiber Optics

A1's fiber optic network provides access to ultra-high-speed internet. With exceptional data throughput, frequently reaching the maximum of up to 100 Mbps, you can share and transfer files at lightning speed.

The fiber optic network has nearly unlimited data transfer capacity, bringing right to your doorstep the exact speed you ordered. The maximum speed. With traditional networks, such as telephone or cable television networks, speeds may degrade the further you are from the exchange.

DSL and Cable Internet

All those who lack the option of connecting to fiber optics, can choose DSL or cable internet.

DSL Internet

DSL internet or internet over the telephone connection provides data transfer speeds of up to 60 Mbps. Connecting is utterly simple, as you do not need an active phone line, and the connection is reliable and ready to meet all your needs.

Cable Internet

We also provide an internet connection in partner networks over the cable TV network which as for the most part already been upgraded with fiber optics infrastructure, bringing constant speeds to satisfy all your internet needs. Connecting is simple, assuming you already have a cable connection in your apartment. If required, we can also upgrade your cable wiring free of charge. The internet connection is very fast with a good price performance and reliability.

With traditional networks, such as telephone or cable television networks, speeds may degrade the further you are from the exchange. This is resolved by setting up exchanges in every Slovenian town and by introducing the so-called open speeds. Such transfer capacity is fully "open", bringing you the highest possible speeds available, most often up to 15 Mbps. You can estimate the approximate speed available at your location by asking your nearest neighbor who is an A1 subscriber about their speeds. It is very likely that your speeds will be similar. Of course, you can also call us at 040 40 40 40.

A World Class Connection

More and more devices? No worries! The A1 Slovenija network lets you access the internet over several devices at once, while your internet connection remains stable.

Home Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is carefree. Wi-Fi is wire-free. Wi-Fi is free. A great home wireless network bringing you all these advantages and more! All subscribers automatically receive a free Wi-Fi modem with their contract, which means you are just a few minutes from securely connecting all your devices to the network.



The basic equipment comes free with your subscription to services. The exact equipment pack depends on the services you selected, but we assure you that you will receive everything you need. If a lightning strike damages your equipment, A1 replaces it free of charge. All our equipment, even the latest one, is certified for reliability and has been thoroughly tested.


Any issues? Perhaps you would like to upgrade the services you selected? No worries! A1 experts are here for you. Always ready to provide useful advice, additional information, and expertise to help you when you find yourself in a bind.

You can get assistance by calling our phone number 040 40 40 40 or writing to