Useful information

Have you lost your mobile phone, or has it been stolen? What should you do?

Are you our subscriber?

Try calling the number of the lost device.

  • If it is unavailable and if the settings require entering the PIN every time before you start using the device, then the chances of a third person using it are slim. In this case we recommend that you visit a A1's sales point, where you will get a new SIM card.
  • If the number is available and if you believe the abuse that could result in uncontrolled costs is possible, we recommend you immediately call 040 40 40 40 or +38640 40 40 40 if you are abroad. When you call this number, you can tell the agent the number of your missing phone, report its theft or loss, and order a block of paid services.

Blocking paid services

The following identification information is required to block services:

  • for residential users: the tax ID number or date of birth, and the permanent residence address;
  • for business users: VAT ID, your full name, and the number you are calling from.

If paid services are blocked, the following fees are charged on the next issued invoice: temporary deactivation in the amount of 20 EUR, reactivation in the amount of 7 EUR, and SIM card replacement in the amount of 11EUR. All prices include VAT.

The number will be blocked when the call is finished, and this way you will avoid any further uncontrolled costs.

Replacing the SIM card

To get a new SIM card, visit a sales point as soon as possible. If you cannot do so within a week, inform the agent about that. Upon your visit, bring a valid identification document.

At the sales point you will receive a new SIM card with the same phone number, while the missing SIM card will be deactivated.

You will be charged for the replacement of the SIM card on the next issued invoice, however deduct 11,19 EUR, VAT included.

Are you using the A1 SIMPL price plan?

When you suspect your missing phone number might be abused, it is important to know that the abuse can only amount to the value of the credit on your account. You can prevent any abuse of you phone number by calling +386 40 40 40 40, where the agents will block your number free of charge upon presenting them with your PUK number.

If you wish to keep your existing A1 SIMPL number, visit the nearest sales point and bring the certificate with the PUK code that you received when you purchased your prepaid package. You will receive a new SIM card with the same phone number.

All the unspent credit from your account will be available, we will however deduct 11,19 EUR, VAT included, from your account for the new SIM card. When you receive a new SIM card, the missing one can no longer be used.