Visitor SIM - The Best Mobile Internet for Tourists

Slovenia is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination, as online travel websites have been recommending it as a fantastic place to see. Si.mobil has put together a prepaid package with a SIM card for those tourists who would like to use mobile internet wherever they go, and especially have it available for the same price as in their own countries. For just 15 EUR, Visitor SIM gives tourists 15 days of internet access with a total of 10 GB of mobile internet data allowance.

The Visitor SIM package comes with:

  • A prepaid 3-in-1 SIM card (mini/micro/nano), suitable for all types of mobile devices
  • 15 days of usage with 10 GB of mobile internet data allowance
  • 4G LTE technology supported
  • VoIP support for services like Skype and Viber
  • Worry-free use of popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • No activation required
  • Voice services and text and multimedia messaging available with surcharge

Tourists can order Visitor SIM online at, which is available in English, Serbian, Russian, and Chinese, and simply indicate where they would like it delivered. When they arrive in Slovenia, their 10 GB SIM card will be waiting for them at their hotel room or wherever else they choose. With Visitor SIM, tourists will no longer have to look for a cafe or bar with free Wi-Fi, and they can even use the state of the art LTE network wherever there is coverage.

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