Si.mobil just finished with start:Cloud program, which was developed by Si.mobil's initiative at Hekovnik. This year 24 teams took part, with 11 also completing the program successfully. The winning teams of the business accelerator program 2014 for startups in business cloud solutions and the internet of things are: i13tech, CoolingInno, Vitilab, Zevs, and Didaktika.

Si.mobil awarded the 10,000 EUR prize to the team from i13tech, which developed a solution for optimizing heating systems. With fees for participating in follow-up programs Hekovnik awarded the CoolingInno team and their solution for an indoor air conditioner that does not use any electricity, as well as the Vitilab team developing a biological model for forecasting vineyard diseases, and the developers of the wireless relay box Zevs.

"We jump started the start:Cloud program as a response to the growing need of developers of cloud-based business solutions for help in entering the market. During these three years more than 60 teams have taken part, and some of them have already made it internationally. It is our estimate that we can cut time to market from two years to just six months. And today we are happy to find that under Hekovnik's management the program is picking up speed, and achieving its mission," said Boštjan Škufca Zaveršek, Si.mobil Management Board member at the conclusion of this year's start:Cloud ++ program.

The start:Cloud program was developed at Hekovnik upon Si.mobil's initiative, and is based on learning within the market alongside the support of experienced mentors. These help the participating teams develop their business ideas, and support them in bringing these ideas to market.