A1 Xpert (IP Centrex)

A1 Xpert is an adaptable communication system with advanced features. It combines key benefits of telephone systems, such as traditional local telephone exchanges and centrex systems, while A1 provides equipment maintenance.

Advantages of A1 Xpert:

  • Call management: Calling your colleagues using short numbers, interactive voice menus, catch groups, voice mail, time call routing, company-wide telephone index and many others.
  • Telephones: The latest IP and IP DECT telephones.
  • Competitive connection fee: Subsidized, depending on the agreement duration.
  • Price per use: The price depends on the selected plan. With A1 Xpert, calls are charged according to price plan, while with A1 Xpert Total calls are free.


Take advantage of all the benefits of IP telephone services! This includes additional features, not available in traditional telephone services. The A1 PBX service is suitable for business that already have their own ISDN or IP exchange or want to install one. 

Cloud contact center

A comprehensive browser-based contact center platform.

Understanding the needs and objectives of our customers is important to us. We listen to our customers and work together with them to create the contact center platform that can offer the best customer experience with ease of use.

Cost-effective and scalable
Nexios is a cost-effective solution with multi-tenancy support, completely managed by our engineers, which requires no IT staff on your side, no upfront investment and implements a pay-as-you-go pricing model. With integrated mobility, you can serve your customers from anywhere, anytime. Agents only need a browser and an internet connection.

Quick deployment
With the intuitive and user-friendly user interface, real-time administration and analytics you’re in the control of your contact center. Nexios is hardware-free solution offering quick deployment without the hassle of an installation in your business environment.

A1 080 – Toll-free number

The A1 080 toll-free number can be used for many activities, including the following:

  • receiving orders and selling your goods and services,
  • providing information on your range of services and activities,
  • receiving and resolving customer complaints and requests,
  • as a single point of access for user-support groups,
  • communication with the most important users,
  • internal communication between the headquarters and the employees working remotely from the field or from home,

A1 090 - Premium numbers

With the tried and reliable A1 090 service you can market your services over the phone. This gives you the opportunity to expand your activities and increase your revenue. The number allows you to receive several calls at the same time from both mobile or fixed-line phones.

The A1 090 premium number can be used for many activities, including the following:

  • fortune-telling, horoscopes and astrology,
  • match-making,
  • erotic and entertainment content, computer, business and tax consulting and legal advice;
  • providing information about time tables, fares for bus or train services and taxi numbers,
  • providing advice on medical issues and healthy living,
  • veterinary advice