In July 1997, a consortium of Slovenian companies and the Swedish telecommunications operator Telia launched Si.mobil that was renamed to A1 Slovenija in 2017. Just a year after its establishment, A1 Slovenija and the then Minister of Transport and Communications Anton Bergauer signed a 15-year agreement on the license for providing GSM 900 services. At the end of 1998, the technical team made the first ever test call in the 040 network. On 25 March 1999, A1 Slovenija entered the market commercially and by the end of the year it had gained the trust of its first 10,000 customers. With this Slovenia got its second mobile operator, and users benefitted from the option of selecting their mobile service provider, while the telecommunication market was a step closer to greater liberalization.
The entry of a new player into the mobile market brought about a great change in the telecommunications environment. For the first time in 8 years the incumbent mobile operator was facing competition. The mobile market penetration at that time was 35.8 %.
A1 Slovenija began actively constructing its own network. Its first GSM exchange in Ljubljana had a capacity of 30,000 connections, with the option of upgrading to 150,000 customers. A1 Slovenija constructed its second exchange in Maribor. From its modest beginnings with two exchanges, A1 Slovenija has grown into an operator with a state-of-the-art 3G network which is the biggest in the country, covering over 95 % of the Slovenian population and providing access to broadband internet.
With technological development, the range of A1 Slovenija's services has become ever more diverse, and A1 Slovenija was the first operator to introduce some of the services in its portfolio to the Slovenian market, including GPRS packet data transfer and WAP service. A1 Slovenija's customers were also the first ones to be able to send multimedia messages. A1 Slovenija was the first operator in Slovenia and one of the first ones in Europe which supported data transfer with EDGE technology. A1 Slovenija was also a pioneer in the field of GPS navigation services on mobile phones.
In 2011, A1 Slovenija carried out an extensive upgrade of its network, which now covers over 98 % of the Slovenian population with broadband internet. This led to A1 Slovenija obtaining a certificate for the bigggest and fastest Slovenian 3G network. Even though A1 Slovenija has covered the majority of Slovenia with UMTS 900 technology, the network upgrade continues. A1 Slovenija was the first operator in Slovenia offering commercial LTE services, the 4th generation network that supports data rates of up to 150 Mbit/s.
At the end of 2000, A1 Slovenija had 130,000 customers, while by the end of 2002 their number had already climbed to 350,000. The growth in users was also the result of an exclusive partnership with the global company Vodafone, which brought the biggest advantages to A1 Slovenija in regard to international roaming and use of new services, and the support of the majority owner mobilkom austria in the form of investments and knowledge sharing. When the market became saturated, the steep growth in users slowed down, however the number of A1 Slovenija's customers keeps growing and at the end of 2015, A1 Slovenija had 708,536 customers.
Today, A1 Slovenija is one of the first mobile operators in Europe and the first mobile operator in Slovenia which provides its business customers with business solutions in addition to communication services. It is one of the most reputable employers, and a family friendly enterprise. Numerous achievements, growth in operations, satisfied customers, numerous awards, and an environmental certificate show that A1 Slovenija has become a mature company.

A More Detailed Overview of Individual Periods in A1 Slovenija History

  • 2016

    December: A1 Slovenija connected generations of Slovenian elders and youth through advanced technologies in project Lahkonočnice.
    November: the company announced to rebrand itself into A1 during 2017.
    April: the legal procedure of merge with Amis finished.
    April: A1 Slovenija provides access to 4G/LTE network to more than 98 percent of Slovenian population.
    February: A1 Slovenija started activating numbers for users in Public Administration. This was a historical milestone for the company, as it had been successful at the public tender for mobile services in Public Administration. 
  • 2015

    November: A1 Slovenija provides access to 4G/LTE network to more than 95 percent of the Slovenian population.
    October: A1 Slovenija has reached the new milestone of 700.000 users.
    September: Telekom Austria Group (TAG), the owner of A1 Slovenija, closed the acquisition of AMISCO NV that includes also Amis, the provider of fix broadband internet access.
    June: A1 Slovenija successfully made the first Voice over LTE (VoLTE) call in Slovenia and sent an important message to its users: services will be even better in the future.
  • 2014

    November: A1 Slovenija's internal magazine Inside received second place at FEIEA Grand Prix 2014 in the category "The best cover". In the same month, A1 Slovenija was in the final of Finance newspaper award Environmentally friendly company.
    November: At 6 locations across Slovenia A1 Slovenija has started offering LTE Advanced, the technology of the future, which provides significantly higher network capacities with speeds of up to 300 Mbps. A1 Slovenija's customers can use LTE-A in areas of Ljubljana (2 locations), Maribor, Kranj, Celje and Slovenj Gradec.
    August: More than 15.000 young people had fun at 13. Party With a Cause event. This year's novelty was the announcement of jobs for young people, seeking their first employment. 14 companies, including A1 Slovenija, collaborated on the project by creating a total of 18 open positions.
    August: A1 Slovenija opened completely renovated BTC shop center at Šmartinska 134b and finished with renovation of its headquarter's.
    April: After last year's successful ISO 14001 audit and the confirmation that A1 Slovenija meets the EMAS standards, the Slovenian Environment Agency entered the company into the EMAS registry.
    March: A1 Slovenija was recognized as the best employer in Slovenia among large enterprises in the 2013 Golden Thread project.
    25th March: A1 Slovenija celebrated 15th birthday.
    February: A1 Slovenija's price plan Neskončni (Infinite) was among this year's recipients of the Product of the Year title in the telecommunications category.
  • 2013

    December: A1 Slovenija receives recognition as the most reputable employer.
    November: A1 Slovenija received a prize on International Volunteer Day from Slovene Philanthropy for "The Most Volunteer-Friendly Company".
    October: A1 Slovenija received the ECO Fleet 2013 recognition as part of a project sponsored by the Slovenian newspaper Finance.
    September: Our two projects, ORTO book on social media and ORTO bikes in the category Innovative digital projects, received first place in the project WEBSI - Spletni prvaki 2013.
    March: Dejan Turk (CEO) received the award for exemplary business and entrepreneurial achievements conferred by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.
    March: Slovenian Advertising Festival and Effie: 2 golden Effie awards, 8 silver awards, 7 golden awards, 1 Grand Prix. ORTO won the title of the Brand of the Year for the third time in a row, while CEO Dejan Turk added the prestigious title of Advertising Personality of the Year to his extensive list of accolades.
    ORTO won the golden Effie 2012 awards for the SIMPL communication campaign and the long-term management of the ORTO brand. Live life your way.
  • 2012

    November: at Prešernov trg 2, A1 Slovenija's most modern shop center was opened.
    October: A1 Slovenija's innovativeness concept was selected for the best HRM project of the year 2012.
    August: More than 20.000 of young people came to Party With a Cause and for the first time selected who will receive the donation. Project Job is not looking for me won.
    July: A1 Slovenija became the first in Slovenia to commercially offer services over an LTE network at Ljubljana, Brnik and Bled.
    May: Eva Aljančič became the marketing director of the year, and Gregor Kastelic was named the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of the year.
    May: A1 Slovenija's The Perfect Office receives an award at the NT conference as the best example of applying cloud computing services in business. The EuroCloud Slovenija award is conferred by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - Association of IT and Telecommunications, and the EuroCloud Slovenia. The goal of the award is to encourage development, marketing, and the use of cloud computing solutions.
    March: At the 21st Slovenian Advertising Festival, ORTO becomes the Brand of the Year for the second time in a row. 
  • 2011

    November: A1 Slovenija receives the Reputable Employer certificate for the year 2011.
    August: A1 Slovenija is given an excellent credit rating and is placed in the 5th percentile of legal entities in Slovenia with the highest AAA credit rating.
    July: A1 Slovenija tests LTE technology in its network.
    June: A1 Slovenija systemizes and brings together all its internal training courses under the name Si.akademija (Si.academy).
    June: A1 Slovenija launches The Perfect Office Suite.
    March: At the 20th Slovenian Advertising Festival, ORTO becomes Brand of the Year. Along with this, A1 Slovenija also wins two Grand Prix awards, one in the Posters category for the ORTO Sticky Art poster, and the other in the Advertising Campaign category for the Ne verjemi! (Don't believe!) ORTO campaign, and silver awards for the Ne verjemi! ad in the Film category and for the Vsako dejanje šteje (Every Deed Counts) annual report. The original music in the Muzka vedno in povsod (Music Always and Everywhere) is also awarded.
    March: For the second year in a row, A1 Slovenija is recognized in the Golden Thread project as the best employer in Slovenia among large companies.
    FebruaryThe Slovenian Advertising Chamber confers the Golden Effie Award 2010 for communication efficiency on A1 Slovenija for its marketing communications campaign Na pravi strani (On the Right Side).
  • 2010

    November: A1 Slovenija receives the full Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate.
    April: The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) awards A1 Slovenija's charity event Party With A Cause with the Gold Quill Award of Merit.
    MarchRe.think receives the Award of Excellence - Best CSR initiative at the level of the entire mobilkom austria group.
    March: At the Slovenian Advertising Festival, A1 Slovenija receives the Grand Prix award for the best TV ad in the film category for the ORTO Muziq, ORTO Štala (ORTO Muziq, ORTO Barn) TV ad, the golden award in the film category for the ORTO Barn TV ad, the golden award in the comprehensive advertising campaign category for its Pravo življenje je na pravi strani (True Life Is on the Right Side) campaign for its 10th anniversary, the OFF SOF recognition for direction of the ORTO Barn TV ad, the silver award for its  website http://www.orto.si/, and the silver award for its Pravo življenje je na pravi strani (True Life Is on the Right Side) web advertising campaign.
    March: A1 Slovenija is selected as the Best Employer in the category of large enterprises in the Golden Thread project.
    January: A1 Slovenija receives the Reputable Employer certificate for the year 2009.
  • 2009

    November: A1 Slovenija establishes the Si.voda Fund, whose mission is to preserve clean and healthy waters in Slovenia.
    October: Dejan Turk, the chairman of A1 Slovenija's Management Board, becomes the Manager of the Year. Before, he was also selected the Best Director of the Year by business journalists.
    April: The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) confers on A1 Slovenija the Gold Quill Award of Excellence for the Re.think project and a special Business Issues Award.
    March: A1 Slovenija receives the Most Innovative Staffing Practice award for its Re.think project. A1 Slovenija and the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics sign an agreement on implementing the Re.think philosophy.
    March: A1 Slovenija makes it to the finals of the Golden Thread project in the category of large companies and receives a special acknowledgment for the most innovative and socially responsible attitude towards its employees and broader environment.
    March: A1 Slovenija receives the title of Advertiser of the Year at the Slovenian Advertising Festival.
  • 2008

    November: A1 Slovenija introduces its Re.think social responsibility project to the public.
    November: A1 Slovenija opens its first environmentally-friendly sales center in Maribor.
    October: A1 Slovenija receives the Prizma award conferred by the Public Relations Society of Slovenia for its Si.mobil brand overhaul project.
    June: A1 Slovenija launches its new Si.mobil brand with the Povej nekaj lepega (Say Something Beautiful) slogan to the public.
    April: In the Golden Thread project selecting the best employers, A1 Slovenija is recognized as one of the best employers in Slovenia and places second in the category of large companies.
    February: At the Slovenian Advertising Festival, A1 Slovenija receives the golden award for its comprehensive advertising campaign Vsi smo malo Orto (We are all a bit Orto) campaign, a silver award in the TV ads category for Zaupanje (Trust), a silver award in the category of innovative communications form for the Orto Smart campaign, a silver award in the poster category for the Nategnjeni jezik (Stretched tongue) poster for the face-off at the Orto Smart : Itak lecture, and an award for interactive advertising for its island of fun in Second Life.
    January: The 500,000th user joins A1 Slovenija.
  • 2007

    November: A1 Slovenija receives the Superbrands recognition for Si.mobil brand.
    November: A1 Slovenija is awarded the Reputable Employer certificate for the year 2007.
    October: The Slovenian Public Relations Society confers the Papirus award for the best Slovenian internal newsletter in 2007 to A1 Slovenija's Inside.
    June: A1 Slovenija introduces the A1 Mobilni marketing (A1 Mobile marketing) service.
    June: A1 Slovenija is the first Slovenian company to offer a unique opportunity for everyone over 15 to audition for the Orto Smart advertising campaign.
    May: A1 Slovenija is among the first companies in Slovenia to be awarded the Family Friendly Enterprise certificate.
    March: A1 Slovenija tests UMTS services in its network.
    January: A1 Slovenija receives the Effie award for the most effective advertising campaign in the previous year for "Ne tVEGAj (Don't risk it)" campaign.
  • 2006

    September: A1 Slovenija is allocated a frequency services in a public tender for providing UMTS.
    June: A1 Slovenija's internal newsletter Inside wins the Papirus award, conferred by the Slovenian Public Relations Society.
    Maymobilkom austria increases its share in A1 Slovenija to 100 %.
    April: A1 Slovenija concludes an agreement on purchasing 135 base stations and their sites from Vega.
  • 2005

    Decembermobilkom austria increases its stake in A1 Slovenija to 92.188 %.
    December: A1 Slovenija launches the Si.navigator service - the first GPS navigation system for PDAs in Slovenia.
    March: Business results for 2004 are the first ones in which positive earnings are recorded before interest and taxes (EBIT).
    March: Business customers are offered new solutions - the Business Smart price plan with VPN services, Vodafone's BlackBerry solution, and PC Card modems for mobile internet access with EDGE technology.
  • 2004

    December: A1 Slovenija introduces the text message donation service for non-profit organizations. The first fund raising campaign is organized for the Mali vitez foundation.
    May: A1 Slovenija introduces and launches the new Vodafone live! mobile portal.
  • 2003

    December: A1 Slovenija is the first mobile operator in Slovenia and one of the first mobile operators in Europe to introduce mobile data transfer supported with EDGE technology.
    November: A1 Slovenija becomes the first operator in Slovenia which offers GPRS services also to prepaid customers.
    September: A1 Slovenija and Vodafone strengthen marketing collaboration in Slovenia. All marketing activities are carried out under the Si.mobil - Vodafone brand and the new slogan is Ujemi svet (Catch the World).
    January: A1 Slovenija concludes an agreement on partnership with Vodafone.
  • 2002

    August: A1 Slovenija launches a new Orto Smart price plan for young people under the age of 27. A1 Slovenija organizes the first Party with a Cause.
    August: A1 Slovenija is the first operator in Slovenia to offer multimedia messaging service to all its customers.
    March: The first test multimedia message is sent over A1 Slovenija's network.
  • 2001

    September: A1 Slovenija overhauls its corporate design and introduces the slogan Vedno zame (Always for Me).
    May: A1 Slovenija is the first operator in Slovenia to launch a GPRS system.
    Februarymobilkom austria starts investing in A1 Slovenija and becomes one of its owners.
  • 2000

    December: By the end of the year, A1 Slovenija has 130,000 customers who can roam in the networks of over 100 operators around the world.
    November: A1 Slovenija is awarded a license for providing services in the GSM 1800 system.
    October: At the Sodobna elektronika (Modern Electronics) fair, A1 Slovenija introduces the first operating GPRS system in Slovenia.
    March: A1 Slovenija is the first operator in Slovenia to launch its own WAP system.
  • 1999

    April: A1 Slovenija launches the Prvi dobijo več (First Ones Get More) campaign. In 12 days, 10,000 subscribers join A1 Slovenija's network.
    25th March: A1 Slovenija enters the market commercially and opens its first sales center in Ljubljana.
    February: A1 Slovenija concludes its first international roaming agreements.
  • 1998

    November: A1 Slovenija becomes a full member of the international GSM association (GSM MoU Association).
    November: The population coverage of A1 Slovenija's GSM signal nears 90 %.
    October: A1 Slovenija introduces the HALO prepaid price plan. 
    October: A1 Slovenija signs a concession agreement and becomes a mobile telephone operator in the GSM 900 system. A1 Slovenija makes the first test call from its mobile exchange, which is not yet connected to the public telecommunication network.
    June: The Slovenian government confirms a proposal of its commission, and A1 Slovenija becomes the second GSM mobile telephone operator in Slovenia.
  • 1997

    23 December: Si.mobil, d. d., is founded. Its owners are Istrabenz, Intereuropa, Iskratel, and PID Kmečka družba.