A1 Slovenija is 100% owned by the international telecommunications group A1 Telekom Austria Group (ATX:TKA). It is an important part of the leading provider of digital services and communications in Central and Eastern Europe, with more than 25 million users in 7 countries, more than EUR 4,5 billion in revenue, and more than 18,000 employees. The Group is the European branch of América Móvil, one of the largest providers of wireless services in the world.

Members of the A1 Telekom Austria Group:
  • A1 Telekom Austria (Austria)
  • A1 Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
  • A1 Belarus (Belarus)
  • A1 Hrvatska (Croatia)
  • A1 Srbija (Serbia)
  • A1 Macedonia (North Macedonia)
  • A1 Slovenija (Slovenia)

Members of the Supervisory Board of A1 Slovenija:
  • Alejandro Douglass Plater, Chairman
  • Siegfried Mayrhofer, Deputy Chairman
  • Bernd Schmutterer, Member
  • Thomas Arnolder, Member