Chief Executive Officer – Dejan Turk

After graduating with a diploma in the field of marketing and finance from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Dejan Turk started working for McDonald's Slovenia, where he started out as the manager of a restaurant and made his way up to the position of CEO for the whole chain of restaurants for Slovenia and Croatia. He joined A1 Telekom Austria Group in August 2004 as head of marketing and sales at A1 Slovenija. In August 2006 he became Management Board Member for Marketing and between March 2007 and February 2014 took over as President of the Management Board of A1 Slovenija.
In March 2014 Dejan Turk took over as CEO and Marketing Director of A1 Srbija. On 1 May 2015 Turk became the CEO and Marketing Director of the new A1 Telekom Austria Group Srbija & Slovenija organizational unit. He was also appointed Management Board Member of NLB banka Beograd bank. Since February 2015 he has served as member of the Management Board of the Serbian Association of Managers. For his 6-year term as the head of A1 Slovenija Dejan Turk has received numerous prestigious awards (in 2009 he received the Excel Merit Award for excellence in communications and was named Manager of the Year, and in 2013 he received an award for Exceptional Business and Entrepreneurial Accomplishments). He was also the president of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia and the president of UNICEF Slovenia. In March 2015 he received the Kapetan Miša Anastasijević award for achievements in business, management and corporate social responsibility.

Senior Residential and Business Customer Director – Vanja Lombar

Vanja Lombar completed her studies at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana and furthered her knowledge with additional education at IEDC Bled. She gained extensive experience in the field of marketing and sales at various companies, including as the Department Manager for B2B Sales at Si.mobil, and also served as the Sales Manager at Zavarovalnica Sava insurance company. In 2010, she continued her career at OMV Slovenia, where she started as the Card Manager for several countries in the Balkan region, and in just over four years, she was gradually promoted to the position of the company's Managing Director, which she held until December 2021. In January 2022, she took over the position of General Manager of Geoplin, where she was responsible for representing the company in all areas of its operations.

Throughout her years of leading various teams and companies, she was also active in numerous trade associations. She furthered her business experience as a member of the board of EuroGas, based in Brussels, and a member of the board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, as well as serving as the president of the board of the National Oil and Gas Committee of Slovenia. She remains an active member of the Managers' Association and the Slovenian Directors' Association, as well as the Handball Federation of Slovenia. She has been repeatedly recognized and awarded for her work throughout the years. In 2016, she received the Artemis award, with which the Managers' Section of the Managers' Association acknowledges the importance and enhances the visibility of leading female managers and rewards their role in creating added value in the company. During her leadership at OMV Slovenia, she was instrumental in the company receiving the Women-Manager-Friendly Company award, presented by the Managers' Association.
As of 1 April Vanja Lombar has taken the position of Senior Residential and Business Customer Director at A1 Slovenija.

Acting Senior Director for Human Resources and Communications -  Blaž Ferenc

Blaž completed his studies at the University of Ljubljana and an MBA within the Cotrugli Business School in Zagreb. He began his professional career at Taktik as a communication consultant, and was employed at Pristop before coming to A1.

He joined the company in 2016 as a Senior Expert for Corporate Communications, and in 2020, he became the Director of Corporate Communications and Sustainability at A1 Slovenija and A1 Srbija. 

Blaž has received several international and domestic awards for communication excellence, including the ProPR Globe Award and Gold Quill.

As of 1 March 2024, Blaž Ferenc has been appointed as the acting Senior People, Culture, Communications and Sustainability Director at A1 Slovenija and A1 Srbija.

Blaž is a communication enthusiast strongly committed to utilizing communication for helping organizations perform better. He is a sustainability promoter who believes that the future of business is in sustainable business. And he is a people manager with an MBA and fifteen years of experience in leading communication teams, communication consulting, planning and performing integrated communication programs in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, pharmaceutics, private security, finance and professional associations.
Before joining A1 in 2016, he worked for communication agencies Pristop, Taktik and Valicon. Blaž has received numerous awards for communication excellence, including international IABC Gold Quill awards and national Prizma awards. 

Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer – Milan Zaletel

Milan Zaletel graduated at the University of Ljubljana. He also participated in various programs and seminars at the universities in Oxford, Pennsylvania, the Zukunft Institute and others. Before joining Telekom Austria Group he was employed at Elan Group, where he managed the Controlling and Finances Departments.
In 2003 Zaletel joined A1 Slovenija as the director of finance and in 2006 became a Management Board Member for finance. His responsibilities covered two areas: finance and business research. Between 2008 and mid-2010 he also headed the whole technical sector at A1 Slovenija.
In 2012 he became the CFO of Mtel, where he held responsibility for financial planning, accounting, taxes, auditing, treasury, legal affairs, corporate and market reporting and process quality.
On 1 December 2016 Milan Zaletel took the position of Senior Finance Director at A1 Srbija & Slovenija.

Executive Director for Transformation – Đorđe Vuksanović

After completing his studies in statistics, informatics and quantitative finance at the Faculty of Economics, Đorđe Vuksanović completed EMBA studies at the Cotrugli Business School. He was the winner of the second generation of the AmChamps program, organized by the US Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, and the winner of the Innovation Challenge of A1 Telekom Austria Group.
He began his career at NLB Nova penzija, and continued at ASSECO SEE, joining A1 Srbija in 2009. Throughout his decade-long work at A1 Srbija he has obtained a lot of experience related to customer experience management.
As of 1 November 2019 Đorđe Vuksanović has become the Executive Director for Transformation at A1 Srbija and A1 Slovenija.

Senior Technology Director – Nenad Zeljković

Nenad Zeljković graduated and earned his MSc. degree at the Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and successfully completed his EMBA studies at the Cotrugli Business School.
His first experience in planning and optimization of the radio mobile network come from 1997 at Telekom Srbija. Between 2008 and 2012 he was the headed the Planning and Development of Access Network department.
He joined A1 Srbija in 2012 as the Director of Access and Transport Network. He joined A1 Slovenija in 2015, and also became the Director of Access and Transport Network.
As of 1 November 2019 he has become the Senior Technology Director at A1 Srbija & A1 Slovenija.