A1 Podjetni MIO

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A1 Go! M

Podjetni miniMIO



Unlimited GB

Up to 10 GB at full speed, then 2/1 Mbps

15.8 GB

Data allowance in the EU/EEA


International calls to the EU/EEA

A1 Go! M

Podjetni midiMIO



Unlimited GB

Up to 100 GB at full speed, then 2/1 Mbps

21.1 GB

Data allowance in the EU/EEA

50 min

International calls to the EU/EEA

A1 Go! M

Podjetni maksiMIO



Unlimited GB

Up to 500 GB at full speed, then 2/1 Mbps

28.5 GB

Data allowance in the EU/EEA

100 min

International calls to the EU/EEA

*Prices do not include tax.

Every company is unique and has its own needs and requirements. We are well aware of that and customize our services for every customer!

Contact us by phone at 040 40 40 22, by email or step into your nearest point of sale.

Enjoy unlimited data allowance across several devices

The A1 2.SIM plan expands unlimited data transfer from your midiMIO and maksiMIO to your second device – phone, tablet or notebook computer.

A1 2.SIM for just €5 for those with MIO plans.

A1 Poslovni Smart

The A1 Poslovni Smart (A1 Business Smart) plan provides companies and sole proprietors with the best price performance. The more subscriber agreements you conclude, the lower your monthly subscription fee is.

A1 Poslovni Premium

The A1 Poslovni Premium (A1 Business Premium) mobile plan is tailored to each individual company. It adapts to your needs and considers how your employees are using their services. We prepare a customized plan for your company that:
  • is based on the average profile of a business user,
  • takes into account the usage of all your employees, and
  • reflects the needs of your whole company.
Why choose A1 Poslovni Premium?
When choosing this plan, A1 guarantees:
  • a uniform monthly cost, customized to the calling habits of your company,
  • predictable mobile telephone service costs,
  • lower costs for managing your subscriber agreement.

A1 Podjetni zakup

The A1 Podjetni zakup (Business allowance) subscription plan allows the user to select allowances for voice minutes, messaging (SMS and MMS), and data.
  • A single subscription plan
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Any number of devices

Why choose mobile telephone service from A1?

At A1 we have prepared a comprehensive offer of fixed and mobile telephone services, internet access and everything your perfect office requires.

Personal consultant

Every business user is assigned a consultant who assists them in selecting the right services and products, and provides comprehensive support.

Tailored offer and price

We consider your needs when preparing a tailored offer of business communication services that you need for doing business.

Manage your own subscriber agreements

The holder of subscriber agreements can use the Moj A1 portal to manage the corporate agreement, monitor usage, switch plans, activate options, etc.

Carefree browsing

We provide carefree browsing. We will notify you by message when you reach the critical amount of data allowance you set.

Competitive roaming prices

Select from our practical plans and options that allow you to use our services abroad at competitive prices.

Technical support for business users

A1 provides its business users with the best professional technical support.